ChinaPlas 2024 News-DKM Pre-show Notice

Chinaplas 2024, DKM prepares to showcase our latest breakthroughs and cutting-edge injection molding technology at Chinaplas 2024 booth Nr. 5.1D72.

DKM IMM Perfectly Ends at the MECSPE BARI

DKM IMM perfectly ends at the MECSPE BARI, Italy.

DKM Injection Machine Showcases at Plast Eurasia Istanbul

DKM Injection Machine Showcases at Plast Eurasia Istanbul, with DKM SV130 and DKM SV350.

DKM Injection Molding Machine Showcases at PLASTIMAGEN

DKM showcases servo energy saving injection molding machine at PLASTIMAGEN 2023

DKM Injection Molding Machine Show in PLAST Milan Italy

DKM injection molding machine made a stunning appearance at the Milan Plastic Rubber Exhibition in Italy!

DKM IMM Show in Italy Exhibition

DKM injection molding machine invites you to visit PLAST2023 International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition held in Italy.

Exhibition | DKM Injection Molding Machine at Saudi Print & Pack

Saudi Print & Pack Successfully Concludes, Injection Molding Strength Attracts Attention

Plastic Injection Molding: Creating Precision and Versatility

Plastic injection molding(DKM) has revolutionized the manufacturing industry, enabling the production of precise and versatile plastic components.

Factory of Injection Molding Machine Open Day

DKM injection molding machine factory open-day will be held on April 26-27, 2023. On the occasion, DKM will present innovative injection molding technologies and perfect solutions for different applications.

DKM Injection Molding Machine's First Day at ChinaPlas

It's the first time for DKM IMM to show its low inertia injection molding technology and the low inertia injection molding machine officially displayed to the public.

DKM Medical Injection Molding Machine 250T

DKM MX series with high cleaness and high precision, which are suitable for medical and lab consumables production.

DKM Plastic Injection Molding Machine at ChinaPlas

DKM Machinery will present three newly developed injection molding machines at China Plas exhibition in Shenzhen.

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