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DKM Machinery CO., LTD
Add : 369# XinJiang Rd., Xinqian Street, Huangyan Taizhou, Zhejiang, China
P.C. 318020
Tel : +86 138-5865-8631
E-mail: dkm@dakumar.com

How to reach Dkm?

By Air

Taizhou Airport (Luqiao Airport)

This is the nearest airport to DKM. There is flight to Taizhou Airport from Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen… it takes 40mins from the airport to DKM injection machine factory.

By Air

This is the airport in Wenzhou, a city next to Taizhou.

And you could take fast train (bullet train) from Wenzhou train station to Taizhou train station. Time required: 60 mins.

By Train

Taizhou Train station (Huangyan)

Almost all cities in China have fast trains to Taizhou, and it takes 25mins from the train station to DKM. And we will arrange driver to pick you up from Taizhou train station to DKM factory.

Please kindly contact us in advance and advise the flight/train information, we will arrange driver to pick you up accordingly. And we could help make the reservation of local hotel and offer tailor-made convenient and comfortable traveling solution.

Wish you a pleasant trip!

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DKM’s plastic Machine quality is related with company’s culture.

In a plastic machine manufacturing company, its culture can make the team gathered to work for the same goal. For DKM plastic machines, we said “offer a fine solution”, and the core culture of DKM will be RESPONSIBLE.

DKM Plastic Machine Core Philosophy --- Responsibility

It is one’s recognition, sensibility and belief toward oneself, others, family, society, and the self-conscious attitude of related regulation abiding, responsibility holding and obligation fulfillment. We should keep the “responsibility” in mind, upgrade self-value, work together to make contribution to the society.

DKM Plastic Machine working Style---Eight Nos

No delay of work in my hands, No any interruptions;
No backlog of work in my hands, No any mistakes;
No cold face to others, No any waste to the company;
No loss of clients due to me, No any harm to corporate identity.

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