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    DKM offers high efficient molding line solutions for medical test tubes (sterile test tubes) made from PET / PS / PP, with size from: 0.5 to 50 ml, which are used for collecting and hold blood, urine, pus, and synovial fluid. If you are just looking for the reliable manufacturers to help you on medical test production business, you are at right place. Check what DKM could do for you and the exported outstanding PET blood collection tube molding lines. It must be useful to set up your test tube factory.

    One Stop Solution – Test Tube Molding
    One Stop Solution – Test Tube Molding

    Get the test tube molding solution with comprehensive service and support now!

    DKM Test Tube Injection Moulding Machine
    High efficiency

    There could be different machine models for your plastic test tube molding according to your test tube (weight, design, and material), requirement for test tube production and budget, all of them would be guaranteed to meet your demand.

    High speed & precise speed & stable running
    Guarantee the efficient and large production capacity.
    High quality injection screw
    Especially for PET material, the screw specification should be accurate calculated.
    Precision controlling valve
    Ensure the stable weight constantly.
    Complete optimal machine system
    Help on energy-saving production.
    DKM Test Tube Making Machine
    Test Tube Injection Mould
    Improve Quality
    Precision test tube mould would be offered to ensure the final quality test tubes.
    Independent self-locking structure
    Save processing time and easy for maintain.
    High precision tooling control
    No eccentricity.
    Nice cooling system
    Fast molding cycle time.
    Precision mould tooling & rigorous QC
    Ensure the quality and fast delivery time as it is always successful in the first mould testing.
    32-cavity Test Tube Injection Mould
    Medical Test Tube Injection Mould

    Transparent plastic test tubes are required high precision and high technically on injection molding, therefore, the final superior quality production of finished test tubes much depends on outstanding test tube moulds and high-performance injection moulding machines.

    Get the right test tube mould and machine solution

    Typical Case - PET Blood Collection Tubes Molding Line

    DKM-250EH PET machine + 32-cavity test tube mould + auxiliary equipment (3-in-1 dehumidifying dryer, chiller, air compressor, conveyor…)


    Cases-PET Blood Collection Tubes Molding Line

    Have a look at the video of DKM 32-Cavity PET Test Tube Production Line

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