Plastic Molding Machine RND Transformation
Injection Molding Machine RND Transformation
  • Injection Molding Machine RND Transformation

    As a China National Level Specialized &. Innovative enterprise, DKM actively undertakes three projects of the National Torch Program and undertakes research projects such as the New Polymer Forming Equipment Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. And relying on outstanding technological talents and an efficient, collaborative, spontaneous, and rigorous scientific research system, we have achieved many high-value scientific research achievements. For example:

       1. Won National First Set Machine(NFSM) reputation. .

       2. Won 11 events international advanced new machine technologies.

       3. Obtained 51 invention patents related to metal materials and tooling processing technology, and 75 utility model patents

       4. Invented low inertia high-precision injection molding technology, which has revolutionary significance in the injection molding machine industry.

       5. Achieve innovative technological achievements in hydraulic system components such as digital cylinders and servo cylinders.

       6. Implement precise control technology of 0.01-0.02mm on mold opening.

       7. Implement automatic adjusting technology between high-speed injection to high pressure holding.

       8. Successfully researched the automatic fine adjusting algorithm program for temperature and pressure in the injection molding system.

       9. Development and mass production of intelligent 5-axis robots

       10. Successfully researched high-efficiency and high-precision ductile iron casting technology.


    The mass production and transformation of these technological achievements have enabled DKM to transform and upgrade its industry through technological innovation, safeguarding its high-quality development.

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