Plastic Pallet Production Line


Turnkey Solution of Logistics Pallet Manufacturing

Professional RND Team of Plastic Pallets Moldings Machines and Pallet Moulds

DKM MACHINERY is responsible for the RND of injection molding machine which is especially for various plastic pallets.
SinoMould is responsible for the RND of plastic pallet mould and plastic pallet itself.
The two companies belong to Sino Holding Group, which have seamless and rapid cooperation with each other.

DKM Plastic Pallet Production Line

The objectives of both companies R & D are very clear:
1). The molding cycle is shorter than other supplier-15KG pallet we realized short cycle 82-89s.
2). The lead time is half that of the competitors,short lead time 60 days.
3). Improve the quality of the production line and reduce the cost of the production line (improve the quality and reduce the cost for users)
4). Long term stability

  • Plastic Pallet Production Line - Pallet Mould Cavity
  • Plastic Pallet Production Line - Pallet Mould Core
  • DKM has rich service experience in plastic pallet production line

    1). DKM has provided more than 60 plastic pallet production lines all over the world and won high praise from users.
    2). DKM has received a lot of comments and suggestions from the sales and after-sales of these production lines, and has made continuous improvement for 9 years.
    3). DKM and SinoMould have good experience, technology accumulation and inheritance system.
    The above three aspects make DKM an expert in pallet production line.

    Plastic Pallet Production Line - Picking Robot
    Plastic Pallet Production Line - Molding Process
    Plastic Pallet Production Line - Pallet
    Plastic Pallet Production Line - Pallet Picking
    Plastic Pallet Production Line - Pallet Conveying
    DKM is also the Plastic Pallets Moldings Expert

    DKM studies the injection molding process of pallet in combination with SINOMOULD, such as melt plastic flow velocity analysis, temperature analysis and pressure analysis with mold-flow software.

    Plastic Pallet Production Line - Mold Flow Analysis

    DKM studies various formulations of HDPE. DKM is the Polymer Molding Research Center of the China National Academy of Engineering.

    DKM injection molding operation engineers are very experienced in the production process parameters and other relevant conditions of plastic pallets. Our purpose of debugging is to help users find the best production process parameters before SOP.

    Plastic Pallet Production Line - Best Molding Parameters