DKM-180SV Machine Updated

  • 2021-02-25
    DKM-180SV Machine Updated

    DKM-180SV - lower investment, quicker payback.


    We have been improving DKM machines for years, this time, updated their appearance as well. Here, it shows the DKM-180SV machine at first.

    Complete DKM-180SV Machine

    DKM-180SV IMM

    DKM-180SV Machine Details

    DKM-180SV Machine Details


    DKM-180SV Appliance

    There are so much plastic parts could be made by DKM-180SV machine, such as:

    plastic electric switch socket

    plastic wall plug

    plastic cap

    plastic cup

    plastic spoon, fork


    DKM-180SV Highlights

    DKM-180SV, as one of popular models among customers, has been improved to be pretty outstanding energy saving machine, with its stable running for quality parts production. And DKM-180SV has longer life thanks to optimal design on details, such as the oil temperature could be controlled more stably to prolong life of hydraulic components. Besides, DKM does its best to offer DKM-180SV machines with the fast delivery: 7 days!


    Ask for DKM-180SV machine specification here if you'd like to learn more. Or tell us your demands, DKM engineers would provide the best solution to meet them with the suitable machine model and comprehensive service & support.


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