Plastic pallet production line

Plastic Pallets Production Lines

Flexible solutions for large-volume parts

Comprehensive molding solutions for every custom plastic pallet are according to customers’ requirement based on DKM expert team of plastic pallet injection molding! During the process, DKM guarantees an effective consultancy and technical support. It aims to ensure customer get the good plastic pallet production lines which could be running stably and in long term.

Why DKM Pallet Injection Molding Solution?
1.Expert Team of Plastic Pallets Project

There is professional team which consists of technicians experienced on plastic pallet design and injection molding, hence, customers who would like to start new pallet project or expand pallet production could get what they want, DKM team not only focuses on the design and shape, but also customers’ specific applications.

  • double face pallet
  • Double Face Pallet
  • window frame pallet
  • Window Frame Pallet
  • nine-leg pallet
  • Nine-leg Pallet
  • three-leg pallet
  • Three-leg Pallet
  • Pallet Applications
    Warehouse Pallets
    Transport Pallets
    Automotive Industry Pallets
    Metric Pallets
    Industrial Pallets
    Heavy Duty Pallet
    Fire Retardant Pallets
    Oversized Pallets
    plastic pallet product
    plastic pallet part picture
    plastic pallet mold
    injection pallet mould
    2.Save Time & Cost - One Stop Service

    What makes DKM special is that customers could get the whole plastic pallet molding project only from one source – DKM, which is not limited on plastic pallet injection molding system (plastic pallet making machines, plastic pallet injection moulds, robots and other auxiliary equipment), but pallet optimal design service, factory layout design service, after-sales service, custom training support, regular check and improvement and so on, that’s everything customers would like us to support for them.

  • 3.Project Review
    To maximize uptime, lower costs and meet customers’demand, DKM takes a holistic review. Optimal Pallet Solution. Based on comprehensive understanding, every pallet solution is custom for particular customer.
  • Optimal Pallet Solution
    Based on comprehensive understanding, every pallet solution is custom for particular customer.
  • 4.Rigorous Project QC
    From project start to completion, DKM QC team would take rigorous QC to ensure the whole line quality and fast delivery time.
  • 5.Pallet Production Lines Service and Supports
    Engineers would be at customers’ factories to help install and adjust the pallet molding system to ensure the quick and stable running.
  • Custom Training
    DKM could help train customers’ workers on site or on line according to their level, it’s much important to avoid frequent troubles.
  • 24-hour Response
    DKM service team stands by for customers no matter the time to ensure smooth pallet production.
  • Reference Pallet Production Lines Specification
    Satisfying Pallet Solutions Offered by DKM
  • plastic pallet molding video
  • plastic pallet molding video
  • pallet injection molding video
  • pallet injection molding video
  • plastic pallet injection video
  • plastic pallet injection video
  • Require One Stop Solution for Plastic Pallet Production Lines Now

    DKM is keen on responding your requests quickly. The more exact the information about pallet project that you provide us with in the contact form, the more precise our responses will be right from the outset. Thank you very much for cooperating.

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