DKM Plastic Pallet Injection Molding System

  • 2021-10-18
    DKM 2250SV Injection Machine and Pallet Mould

    DKM, a brand founded by Sino Holding Group CO.,LTD, is engaged in providing intelligent plastic pallet injection molding system for domestic and foreign customers. Now we will introduce a new excellent plastic pallet production line for you – 89s cycle time!

    Introduction of DKM Plastic Pallet Molding System

    DKM Plastic Pallet Molding System contains DKM 2250SV Injection Machine, Double Deck Pallet Mould, DKM 3-Axis Picking Robot for Automatic Production and other auxiliary machines. This molding system has a short cycle time and runs stably.

    Advantages of the Pallet Molding System

    The short cycle time of 89s makes the system be an excellent plastic production line. Now no one else can achieve such a short cycle time except us. And it can run stably in long term. With KEBA controller equipped,the system is also very easy to be operated.


    Pallet Mould Detail

    The mould is mainly made of 718H steel and it has a one-million shots mould life. Hot runner system is Anole brand innovated by SINO Tech, and designed with 20 tips hot bushings using direct point sprue gates, therefore, the plastic pallets require none further cutting.


    Pallet Information

    The pallet machine uses HDPE as raw materials to produce plastic pallet weighting 15kg.


    If you want to make plastic pallet, DKM will provide you Plastic Pallet Molding Solutions.

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