Plastic Paint Pail Production Line

In order to maximize the value of plastic molding activities, DKM has been committed to providing the most efficient and fastest paint pail production turnkey project for domestic and foreign customers.

From 5L, 10L, 20L... square, round, oval and other paint buckets, we have successfully delivered hundreds of high-speed injection molding machines, nearly 1,000 sets of paint bucket injection molds, and nearly 100 paint bucket production lines. After continuous innovation and improvement, our 20L in mold labeling paint bucket production, work with 600ton high speed injection molding machine and side enter robot, we successfully achieved 15 second cycle time.

A big capacity paint pail production line contained high speed molding machine, paint bucket mold, side enter robot, conveyor belt, and other auxiliary equipment, chiller, cold water tower, air compressor, loading machine, etc...

Video - IML Plastic Paint Pail Line

Time is the biggest cost

5L 10L 20L Plastic Paint Container Molding Machine Performance

Parallel operation to realize material charging mould opening and ejection at the same time
High speed injection
High precision single cylinder injection system
High response servo system
European advanced computer controller
Using world famous brands spare parts in electric and hydraulic elements…

Plastic Paint Pail Making Machine

Paint Pail Injection Molding Machine Detail

Strong Clamping - Paint Pail Making Machine Lubricating System - Plastic Paint Pail Making Machine Precise Electronic Ruler - Plastic Paint Pail Machine Servo System 1 - Plastic Paint Pail Machine Breaker - Plastic Paint Pail Machine Relay - Plastic Paint Pail Machine Injection Unit - Plastic Paint Pail Machine Servo Driver - Plastic Paint Pail Machine Air Switch - Plastic Paint Pail Machine Servo System 2 - Plastic Paint Pail Machine Electromagnetic Valve - Plastic Paint Pail Machine

Plastic Paint Pail Mold Advantages

Multi-cavity mould design and tooling ability
High speed injection cycle time
Fast & optimal cooling system design
IML system for painting bucket solutions

2-cavity Square Plastic Paint Pail Mould

Best Selling Paint Pail In Market

We have a very strong design and R&D team. Based in ensuring sealing, loading and drop test functions, we strive to achieve lightest pail weight. Besides, we also could provide label design…

Green Round Plastic Bucket
Yellow Round Plastic Bucket
Red Round Plastic Bucket
White Round Plastic Bucket
Blue Square Plastic Bucket
Red Round Plastic Paint Bucket
Round Plastic Paint Bucket
20 Liter Plastic Paint Bucket
Round Paint Bucket
Plastic Paint Bucket

Our Paint Bucket Projects

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If you are planning to start your plastic pail manufacturing business, why not contact us for a quick start? The perfect one stop solutions for pail injection molding are here for you with DKM professional team.