DKM Plastic Crate Production Lines

DKM Plastic Crate Production Lines

Help to Set Up Plastic Crate Manufacturing Business Quickly

With over 25 years of experience in designing and implementing customized complete plastic crate molding line solutions, DKM can help you reach your production targets. Over the years, DKM has significantly optimized production solutions of different plastic crates.

Success in plastic crate production requires focus on maximum output and efficiency, with commitment to durability, ability of easy storage and transport and lightness. Whether you're producing plastic crates used in processed foods, dairies, poultry, agriculture, fisheries, soft drinks, distilleries & bottling plants, textiles, automobile industries, electronics, pharmaceuticals or engineering components…, DKM abundant expertise helps you achieve more with extensive technical knowledge and manufacturing capabilities.

Extensive Experience in Plastic Crates Solutions
Bottle Crates
Vegetable Crates
Fish Crates
Milk Crates
Industrial Crates
Fruit Crates
Bread Crates
File Storage Crates
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plastic crate molds
One Partner for All Your Needs

A complete crate line solution from DKM leverages our knowledge of the entire crate injection molding process, from optimizing cost and minimizing waste of resources, to ensuring that your crate is lightness with high strength and durability and attractive to consumers. With everything centered on one supplier - DKM, you get expertise of plastic carte molding, the whole crate production system and ongoing services & support. This ensures high quality and efficiency from plastic crate project audit to solution optimization, equipment implementation, line running.

Full and worry-free service
Only one contact person for projecting,
implementation, installation and service.
Efficiency increase
The expert teams would optimize the whole crate system based on customers’ demand.
Quickly production start
the complete crate lines would be tested and optimized by DKM before delivery.
plastic crate production service
Timely on-site service
Specially-trained turnkey engineers in China, international agents and service centers.
Clear Accountability
only one supplier - DKM.
Complete Plastic Crate Production Lines Videos
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  • plastic beer crate video
  • plastic crate production video
  • plastic crate production video
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  • plastic box molding video
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

    DKM focuses on customer needs, always by your side on every step of the way to build, maintain and improve your plastic crate line performance. We offer the best solution with our strong service support to help you create powerful regional competitiveness for seizing the market quickly.

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  • Crate Production Lines Guidance
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  • Crate Production Lines Service
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  • Crate Production Line Improvement
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    Start Your Plastic Crate Production Line by DKM

    If you are planning to start or expand plastic crate manufacturing business, why not contact us for a quick start? The perfect one stop solutions for crate injection molding are here for you with DKM professional team.

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