DKM Plastic Pipe Fitting Making Machine

  • 2020-10-19
    Pipe Fitting Making Machine

    List the highlights of DKM plastic pipe fitting making machine for your quick reference if you are looking for quality PVC injection molding machines for your pipe fittings' production.


    - Complete Models

    There are models: DKM-110PVC to DKM-650PVC with the clamping tonnage from 1100KN to 6500KN, which could meet the most of your demand of pipe fittings production.


    - Custom Solution

    DKM PVC injection molding machine with standard specification is designed for fast delivery and that meet the most of customers' requirement. While your pipe fittings require different specification, DKM expert engineers could help to offer special solutions for yours based on the affordable budget.


    - Timely Service

    Make the unnecessary downtime decreased by timely service and support. DKM knows that it's much important to keep the machine running at stable and efficient condition in long term, so it's DKM' promise to response at once and be here for lifetime service to worry free further working of the machine.


    There are more than 20 years of experience on offering PVC pipe fitting making machines and its one-stop solution (PVC pipe fitting production lines), welcome to contact us for learning more.

    Get the latest price? We'll respond within 8 hours.


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