High Speed Injection Molding Machine (200Ton - 1300Ton)

DKM high-speed machine is designed for high productivity with flexibility to meet your requirement for high quality and efficiency. Faster, precise, low energy consumption and comprehensive safety, that makes the high speed injection moulding machine popular among our customers.

High Speed Injection Moulding Machine 300HH
High Speed Injection Moulding Machine details

    Maximum Output for A Low Investment - high injection speed & high-response servo-hydraulic system for parallel operation of mould open & eject & plastic charging. So you can get a quicker payback by the faster cycle time with a fancy purchase price.

    High Productive Efficiency - faster cycle time thanks to high injection speed and precision by accumulator and single carriage hydraulic.

    Low Defective Rate - precise quality and response faster by professional single cylinder injection system with servo-valve.

    Long Service Life - constant improving the machinery design and lubrication system for the high-speed work. 

    Flexible Range of Applications - multi-select high speed injection molding machines for standard and high-end applications.

    Clamping Force - from 2,000 kN to 13,000 kN    

    Ready European standard connector for robot. 

    Suitable for packaging industry: thin wall containers (normal & IML), pails, buckets, caps, teletronics...

    We can offer customized high speed injection machines according to your special requirements.