Tailor Made Robot System

Plastic Molding Auxiliary Machinery-Tailor Made Robot

Sino Holdings provides customers with plastic construction projects, from injection molding machines, molds, manipulators, to other auxiliary machinery. In order to adapt for different plastic products, we can also offer you tailor made robot system. We will base on specific requirements of customer to design, and ultimately to solve problem, develop optimal automation solutions.

For plastic robot systems, we mainly provide following types of customized services:

1. IML robot system

We have side entry robot and top entry robot, you can complete finishing label, can complete sorting label, taking the label, labeling, taking product, stacked product, and some other column movements.

These type manipulators are widely used in packaging boxes, paint bucket, turnover boxes and other membrane labeling. We can design the overall movements of the robot and film system for different products. They can achieve multi-cavity production.

2. Pick up robot system

We have up-to-date manipulators and side pick-up robots that can complete products, such as picking up products, placing products, etc. We can tailor the fixture according to the customer’s products and we have succeeded in industrial trash, pallets, tables, chairs, bumper, Disk and other products of various shapes custom robot.

3. Other functional robots

Such as custom robots, they’re use for shearing gates, placing inserts, installing screws, spraying and so on.

Combined with our injection molding machine and molding company, we can provide a perfect solution, as long as you will be asked to tell us, we can design your robot according to product requirements. Our robots are safety, stable performance, speed block, easy to use with reasonable price. Now more and more of our old customers are trying to use tailor made robot system, pls feel free to contact us for more informations.

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