Syringe Turnkey Production Line

Maximum, clean output & energy-efficient production

DAKUMAR offers the turnkey project for Syringe Turnkey production line with tailor made syringe turnkey molding solution, including Syringe mould, plastic injection molding machines and other accessories machines. We have made more than 20 turnkey projects for different countries, such as Russia, Uzbekistan, Mexico…

  • Syringe Turnkey Molding Solution-Machine
  • Syringe Turnkey Molding Solution-Moulds
  • Syringe Turnkey Molding Solution-Syringe
  • High energy efficiency – Injection molding machine take the accumulator to help inject, which help improve machine performance, quicken the machine circle time with higher efficiency, and especially suitable for the precious and complicated products.

    Delivering one-stop service - Calculate the production output per hour and then suggest suitable machine models and quantity accordingly, offer proposal with detailed machine and equipment list with price according to the budget of our client.

    Working safely – fully-integrated injection moulding system solutions for more reliability & supply security.

    Quality mass-production – flexible production cells which can always be adapted to meet the requirements of the medical industry


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