Stacking Production Line

Maximum high-efficiency output in record time

With the large demand of plastic products which used in daily life, package industry, medical industries, the plastic injection molding industry is developing very fast these years. How to increase the production efficiency is very important for the plastic molding industry. Dakumar designed with good cooling line for stacking molding Line in order to reach maximum production efficiency.

  • Stacking Molding Production Line-Machine
  • Stacking Molding Production Line-Moulds
  • Stacking Molding Production Line-Parts
  • Optimize costs – flexible, energy-efficient injection moulding machines for stacking moulds.

    Seminal designs –use same machine size and hamburger mould design, which could have double quantity each shot. And the cycle time and labor demand is similar as common plastic molding line.

    Maximum output – short cycle times & stable processes for extremely high-volume products

    Choose suitable parts for make stacking mould: the product height is small and the product design is not complex, such as spoon hamburger mould, hanger hamburger mould, lid hamburger mould, foldable crate hamburger mould and so on.


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