Refrigerator Production Line

Equip you with quality refrigerator manufacture

We offer full support for your refrigerator production line, not just offer mold or injection machine, but from equipment to consulting, installation, commissioning, training and maintenance.

  • Refrigerator Molding Production Line-Machine
  • Refrigerator Molding Production Line-Moulds
  • Refrigerator Molding Production Line-Refrigerator
  • Reliable long-term quality: trial production for 500~1000 shots to make the lines performance stable

    Efficient project proceeding: strong uniformity, clear responsibility in whole project, quick delivery of all goods together.

    High quality at a good price: help you set up a factory from an idea in the most economical way with high quality products at good prices.

    What you want could be find here: we are experienced with various freezer parts molding, such as drawer, egg shelf, ice box, free plate, door handle… offered to Greece, Austria, Korea, Egypt, Tunisia, Iran, Brazil, South Africa


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