PET Preform Molding Production Tuckey Sulution

  • 2021-05-17
    PET Preform Molding Production Line

    In the plastic packaging industry, plastic bottle belongs to one of the big giants, so plastic bottle packaging and plastic cap and PET preforming more and more.

    Is your plant planning to start a new project? PET Preform Molding Line is a good choice.

    Sino Mould and DKM are leading suppliers of PET Preform Molding Line, customized for your factory.


    First of all, let me briefly introduce what PET preform molding line provides.


    • High Precision PET Preform Molds

          8-144cavities preform Molds

          PET preform mold cold half

          Valve gate injection hot runner system...


    • High Speed PET Preform Injection Molding Machine

          Available in a range of 110-650 Ton with custom PET screw

          Keba computer control and electrical system...


    • Accessories & Automation System

          Auto Loader, Hopper Dryer,Color Mixer.....


    • Service

          Suitable Machine & Equipment Recommend

          Detail Factory Layout Suggestion

          Engineer Sending & Machine Installing & Parameter Adjustment

          Online Training Course...


    We offer you customized project solutions, including 5 gallon pet molding solution, PET bottle project planning, water bottle production line, based on our expertise and years of experience.


    Welcome to contact us if you are interested in PET Preform Molding Line.