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Dakumar offers turnkey solution forplastic household molding line, including plastic table turnkey service, plastic chair turnkey service…we can supply the complete plastic turnkey solution, including professional after-sales service.

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  • Nowadays, with the rapid industry development, we can see plastic household products everywhere, special for the some plastic tables and plastic chairs, there are many advantages to make the plastic tables instead of glass or wood:

    1. Low cost to make a plastic table mold.

    2. Shot production time.

    3. Fast cycle time to reach the large production.

    4. Various kinds of fashion table design.

    5. Long life time of plastic table mold.

    SINO MOULD CO.,LTD, the most professional table mold maker in China, we made about 50 sets for various kinds and different size for plastic table molds each year. It have round table molds, square table molds, rectangular table molds, baby using plastic table molds, some tables in one part and most tables separated table surface and table legs. With our rich experience, I summarized the following main technical points to make a good table mold:

    1. It’s necessary to design with regular ribs under the table surface, in this way, it can reduce the tables deformation. But the ribs thickness can’t be big than table thickness, otherwise, the table surface will have obvious mark, it will affect the table appearance.

    2. To reach the fast table cycle time, it’s also necessary to design with cooling system in all round table edges.

    3. It’s very important to confirm with customer for assembling table with legs.

    At the same time, Dakumar can offer all suitable injection molding machines for table productions, usually, the model DKM1350 is suitable for table production, we have provided 1 meter tables turnkey service with robot system and we can reach cycle time at 80 seconds. And the model DKM520 suit for tables legs mold in 2 cavities, the cycle time is 50 seconds.With the special mold design to offer smaller size of injection molding machine, we are sure you must be satisfied with our plastic table turnkey service.

    Welcome to contact us for more details for plastic table turnkey service , Dakumar will be your best partner!


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