Plastic Chair Production Line

The Turnkey Solution for Plastic Chair Manufacturing

SINO HOLDINGS GROUP offer plastic chair turnkey service for customer all over the world. With rich experience for machine and mould making, DKM know how to help you to set up a plastic household production line in the short time.

  • Plastic Table Turnkey Service-Machine
  • Plastic Table Turnkey Service-Moulds
  • Plastic Table Turnkey Service-Table
  • · Plastic chair injection molding machine:



    DKM machines model DKM-780DH is suitable for normal arm chair and armless chairs with weight about 2kg, based on cooling system and water temperature around 12 C-Degree, the cycle time can approach 40-50s. PC chair and gas assistant chair need machine DKM1350 ton or DKM1650 ton, the cycle time depends on different mold structure.


    · Plastic chair mould:


    SinoMould manufactured more than 200 sets of various kinds of chair moulds every year, it is with arm chair, armless chair, rattan chair, gas assistant chair, sofa chair, PC chair, beach chair and so on. To make a good chair mold, good mold structure design is the precondition of a qualified mold manufacturing, with our precision tooling equipment and strong project following team, we can finish chair mold production time is 60 days. Our chair mold will realize interchangeable inserts block of different versions and can be easily replaced on the machine directly. Common chair cycle time reach 30-40 seconds for high speed running.


    Sino Holdings Group offered plastic chair turnkey service in many different countries, such as Mexico, Venezuela, Russia, Egypt, and some lines with robots to take out chairs, if you are interested, welcome to check the chair production line running video for arm chair by YouTube link as:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0raF_q2OJog


    If you want to build a chair manufacturing factory or if you want to improve your chair producing speed, increase your competitive advantages of peers, please feel free to contact us!


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