Plastic Pallet Molding Line

69 seconds cycle time

DKM has successfully run the plastic pallet molding line with the cycle time 69 seconds; this pallet molding line is the 8th line of 2022 year.

  • Plastic Pallet Molding Production Line-Machine
  • Plastic Pallet Molding Production Line-Moulds
  • Plastic Pallet Molding Production Line-Pallet
  • The goal of DKM this year is to achieve the sales volume of 20 sets plastic pallet injection molding production lines, and so far, 8 lines have been successfully delivered. DKM, together with SinoMould and ABB, created a 69 second pallet molding cycle, which is an outstanding masterpiece. DKM provides a one-stop solution for the high-capacity and cost-effective production of the pallet injection molding industry. DKM team will continue to conduct in-depth research on the production process of plastic pallets, and apply micro-cell foaming technology to the production of plastic pallets in the near future, so as to make plastic pallets more durable and save 15-20% of material costs at the same time.


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