IML Paint Bucket Production Line

Less Than 20s Cycle Time, 20 Days Quick Delivery Time

The efficient production line of 20L IML Paint Bucket: 180pcs per hour, it could enhance your competitiveness as the more output and increasing value of the bucket by IML technology and our Dakumar high speed injection molding machine.

  • Painting Bucket Injection Molding Machine
  • Painting Bucket Moulds
  • Painting Buckets
  • Profit in short time: optimal cooling design with high speed injection molding machine to increase productivity, quick delivery of all equipment together.

    Environmentally friendly production:stainless steel, clean manufacturing room.

    Strict QC control and inspection:  there are series of system and equipment to control the temperature, process and valve parts to achieve your goal.

    Prompt after-sales service:keep continuous communication with you to work for your paint pail production in highest benefit.

    Part | 20L IML Plastic Pail

    Machine | DKM-600HH

    Cycle time | 20 Sec

    Material | PP

    Industry | Packaging

    Technology | IML (In Mould Labeling)


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