PVC Pipe Fitting Production Line

High Efficient To Benifit In Short Time

(You could get a complete line in short delivery time!)

DKM is one of Chinese PVC pipe fitting molding solution suppliers who can offer the whole PVC pipe fitting production line. Besides all necessary equipment, our pipe fitting solutions also include professional and quick proposal on technique and investment for factory establishment and comprehensive after-sale service. That is to say, with very short time you can start your PVC pipe fitting molding business from zero to high standard plastic molding line.

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  • PVC Pipe Fitting Molding Production Line-Moulds
  • PVC Pipe Fitting Molding Production Line-PVC Pipe Fitting
  • DKM offers the complete solutions for various pipe fitting productions. During the mould design, the designer will check on the mould 3D design to see how to fix the mould onto injection molding machine, combined with the plastic injection capacity and clamping force of the molding machines. We help customers to choose the most suitable machines to save power and cost. We will give machine list with models and quantity and give advice for customer according to the customer production requirements on machines and moulds selection because the pipe fitting has a big size ranges.

    Considering the pipe fitting moulds' structures, DKM apply special design for the machine's safety door, cover and case, to make sure the entire hydraulic cylinder will not come out of the machines and the safety door could be closed during production.

    Due to the pipe fitting moulds' special molding requirements, DKM has series of PVC molding machines. Now we are developing a new device which can eliminate the poisonous gas during the molding.

    All above mentioned are our advantages to support customer with our experience and complete service for their new factory setting up. So if you are interested in setting up PVC pipe fitting production line, please kindly contact us, I believe DKM will be your best PVC pipe fitting moulding supplier in China.


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