PET Bottle Production Line

Maximum, clean output & energy-efficient production

Dakumar supply customers with complete PET bottle production line solutions from perform making to downstream packaging,we offer complete bottle turnkey molding line with high quality.We help our customers find the most economical way to do the investment! With excellent quality, diamond service, Dakumar has already recognized as the most reliable enterprise who offer the turnkey solution for PET bottle production line for our customers all over the world! However, Dakumar is not satisfied with

  • PET Prefrom Injection Molding Machine
  • PET Preform and Bottle Moulds
  • PET Preform and Bottle
  • What we are packaging?

    · Water

    · Tea/Juice

    · Carbonated drink

    · Dairy

    What equipment do we offer ?

    · Preform Mould

    · Preform molding system

    · Bottle Mould

    · Bottle blowing system

    · Filling system

    · Conveying system

    · Downstream Packaging System

    Bottle production flow chart

    Provide following information to get the most economical solution from us

    · What’s your bottle specification? Includes Bottle shape, bottle volume, bottle weight, bottle neck diameter, bottle filling temperature.

    · What are you going to pack? (water, juice or carbonated drink ? )

    · What’s the productivity do you expecting in one hour ?


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