New Upgrade DKM-DH Series Injection Molding Machine


DKM company has been focusing on how to help customers improve product molding cycle time and making molding more valuable since 2000years.

Recently we have launched DKM- DH series machine, from DKM130DH-1350DH, which working stable and smooth.

The following will introduce the characteristics and advantages of DH series machine

1. Electric charging material injection system:

Servo motor replaces traditional hydraulic motor to realize synchronous pre-molding function. At the same time of plasticization, the injection molding machine can perform operations such as mold opening and closing, ejection, and core pulling (injection molding machines over 450 tons have synchronous ejection (core pulling) function, which can realize mold opening, ejection (core pulling), and plasticizing. Shaft linkage), shorten the product molding cycle by 30-50%.

2. The screw speed is increased by 20%-50%, the plasticization rate is better, and the plasticization time is shortened.

3. The hydraulic system of the injection molding machine adopts servo multi-pump control, the whole machine has high precision, small vibration and low noise;

4. CAE reliability analysis, high-strength frame design prolongs the service life of the mold.

5. The unique new second-generation U-shaped appearance has a beautiful design and is easy to install.

6.One-piece sliding foot design, sturdy and reliable.

DH machine application case:

We test our 20IML paint bucket production line,  with 20L bucket mould (made in SINO),+700DH machine+IML system. The production cycle reached 14.8s, which is 10s faster than the ordinary servo machine production line, and can produce 100 more paint buckets per hour. 

This is the top few in the paint bucket industry.

It is a very cost-effective injection molding machine,  itis especially suitable for products with long charging material time and short cycle time requirement.

If you are interested, please contact us.

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