Lighting System Production Line

Perfectly designed and equipped with state-of-the-art multiple component and multilayer technology.

Car Lighting system includes quite a few injection mold for lights, such as automotive front car lamp Lighting system turnkey project , automotive fog lamp Lighting system, automotive direction Lights and so on. Dakumar has the TS16949 certificate for automotive plastic lighting system turnkey project, we make injection molds and plastic injection molding machine with servo system for lighting system turnkey project which produce lamp molding line with high quality and high transparency of plast

  • Automotive Lamp Molding Production Line-Machine
  • Automotive Lamp Molding Line-Moulds
  • Automotive Lamp Molding Line-Lamps
  • Precision optics – sensitive methods, such as multiple-layer techniques, guarantee the highest quality.

    Double color lighting system –bi-color injection molding machine for PC material and PMMA material for Lighting system, with our years of know-how, we can make the full Lighting system turnkey project in very short delivery time.

    World leading technology - Dakumar working team and designer had got two color or three color lamp molding solution.

    Greater individuality – innovative multiple-component injection moulding machines for vehicle lighting.


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