Knife, Fork and Spoon Production Line


With the development of the economy and technology, the plastic cutlery is more and more popular in our daily life. The cutlery is mainly Plastic Fork, Plastic knife and Plastic Spoon. Sino Holdings Group is a group company, Sino Mould Co., Ltd and Dakumar Machinery Co.,Ltd are the two mainly subsidiary company.

Sino Mould has 20 year experience in making plastic mould, we ship about 150 sets of cutlery molds annually to Uzbekistan, South Africa, Peru, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, etc. It includes the airline cutlery, daily cutlery, military cutlery, single use cutlery. According to the injection machine and the output, we can offer customized design in circle, square or sector. Depends on different shape, mold structure, steel (quench should need more time), the delivery time are nearly 40 days, about the cycle time, such like coffee spoon, 36 cavity, it is 7s, the min cycle time can be 6s.

Dakumar Machinery can offer the injection machine with auxiliary equipment to produce the cutlery mold, most customers choose servo motor machine or high speed machine, we have many tonnages to meet all customers’ request, such like DKM-SV250, DKM-SV350, DKM-200H, etc. All the machines are in stock, just waiting the molds to test. 

If you want to start the cutlery line and get all equipment in short time, welcome to contact us, Sino can offer you the quick return turnkey-line solution.

We also provide the Plastic Pallet Production Line, if you need ,pls contact us.

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