IML Container Production Line Videos

Showing DKM’s IML System Technology

DKM IML Production Line case showing with many videos,all these DKM container molding make clear DKM's IML system technology and experience.

  • IML Container Production Line-Machine
  • IML Container Production Line-Moulds
  • IML Container Production Line-IML Container
  • DKM is one of the pioneer companies in China to RND the IML system. Since 2003, DKM has shown its IML system in major professional exhibitions. DKM has gone through a process from scratch, never recognized by everyone to known in the industry. So far, DKM has provided more than 200 IML production lines to the world, and during the process of service, we have constantly optimized and upgraded machines, robots and molds, and have always maintained a leading position in this industry.


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