Double Color Parts Production Line

Flexible solutions for double color products

Dakumar has rich experience in providing the complete dual color production line with high quality two-shot molds and suitable injection molding machine. During last 3 years, we exported more than 80 sets bi-color molding line to our customers from the republic of Guinea, Egypt, Iran, Turkey, France...

  • Double Color Molding Production Line-Machine
  • Double Color Molding Production Line-Moulds
  • Double Color Molding Production Line-Parts
  • Increase productivity – enhance plastic parts with high surface quality, reduce the labor costs and eliminate the molding steps.

    Ensure quality –Our professional design team will do Moldflow before production to check the structure and avoid the production problem.

    Optimize injection machine – injection molding machine has rotating round plate and two injection units. And the 2nd dual color machine, the machine has extra injection unit and rotating mold system.

    Meanwhile, we provide technical and personal service to analysis the whole project, plant condition, worker training, machine installation & adjustment and period labor service at your point. 


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