DKM High Speed Injection Molding Machine


DKM is Chinese leading manufacturer and exporter of an optimum quality range of injection moulding machine. Our machine is manufactured using high quality materials and employing sophisticated technology in accordance to match with prevailing market trends, especially high speed injection molding machines.


We apply world famous component with good quality on our high speed injection molding machine, for example:

1. Controller is KEBA from Austria.

2. Eckerle oil pump from German.

3. Electronic ruler is NOVO from Germany, or GEFRAN from Italy.

4. Stroke switch is OMRON made in Japan.

5. Servo motor Is Phase from Italy.

6. Hydraulic motor STF from UK.

8. Back pressure valve, eletromagnetic directional valve and PQ valve are Yuken from Japan.


Our high speed machine features:

1. High speed, we apply accumulator to realize high speed injection and it have the function of 3 axis linkage to realize material charging, mould opening and ejection at the same time.

2. High efficiency: we optimized toggle design to perfect combination of speed and force, now it is 10%-20% faster.

3. High safety: All our machines with mechanical, hydraulic, electrical triple protection; We make machine frame fully closed to ensure operator safety.

4. High precision: The machine is used KEBA control system and Rexroth valve, it can control each shot precisely on weight and position.

5. High energy saving: configure high response servo system, machine work according to actual need, no overflow or waste which can save 30%-70% power.


If you need high speed injection molding machine, please kindly contact me! I will choose suitable type machine for you based on your products and production capacity.

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