DKM Plastic Paint Pail turnkey project


DKM specializes in providing customers with paint pail production line solutions, including injection molding equipment and auxiliary equipment, make customers to purchase equipment in one-stop, saving time and cost.

Since our copmany built in 2000, our company has produced a variety of plastic paint buckets mould ranging from 1L to 20L in HDPE or PP.

And we delivered 1000+sets pail production line to customers,


According to the needs of the market, our company has fully upgraded the configuration of injection molding machines and paint buckets this year.

The 20L paint bucket production line with IML system cycle time is 14.8s, per hour output is about 240pcs.


The following is newly upgraded paint pail equipment:

Injection molding machine DF series-advantage

1. Electric charging plastic unit: Servo motor replaces the traditional hydraulic motor, the screw speed is accelerated by 20-50%, the plasticization rate is higher, and the energy consumption is low.

2. To achieve the function of three-axis linkage, the material charging, cooling, mold opening and demoulding are completed at the same time, reducing the molding cycle.

3. The hydraulic system of the injection molding machine adopts servo multi-pump control, the whole machine has high precision, small vibration and low noise;

4. CAE reliability analysis, high-strength frame design prolongs the service life of the mold.


20L paint bucket mould advantage


1. SINO special cooling system achieves the best cooling effect of the mold, with a stable production cycle of 14.8 seconds

2. Professional IML system, with smooth movements and quick and stable pick-up.

3. The product has a good water sealing structure, and has passed the drop water sealing test of 1.5 meters to 3 meters high.

4. The hot runner needle valve system is adopted to reduce the cavity pressure and increase the life of the mold.


The optimized mold and machine produced paint pail that can meet the following test requirements: drop, stack, seal water. . .get praised by new and old customers.

SINO also provides plant layout design, workshop water and electricity connect design, training engineers and other services for new plant customers. 

Interested customers are welcome to consult.

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