DKM Machinery

  • 2021-02-28
    DKM Machinery

    Dakumar is a pioneer in the R&D and innovation of injection molding machines in China.


    We constantly improve the design, always focus on the improvement of the man-machine interface of injection molding machine, high-speed injection molding machine system research and development as well as injection molding machine stable, precise plastic injection filling technology.


    In July 2010, Dakumar invested 40,000 square meters of land for the construction of the new plant, which was another milestone in the history of DKM injection molding machines.At the same time, Dekumar prepared for the development and manufacture of 4000T injection molding machines, investment of injection molding machine pressing plate die-casting equipment and design of new plant.

    After over 10-years working,DKM developed a comprehensive machine models includes:standard servo machine,PET machine,PVC machine and high speed machine.


    In the past few years, DKM has successively established the injection molding machine sales and service center in Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey, Israel, Russia.In order to offer better service, expanding the scope of our service.We have been looking for partners in different countries and injection molding machine of professional service team, to build up more and more service center.


    DKM technology team specialized in data analysis and structure optimization, through the limited sports simulation technology, crank shaft servo injection molding machine and European standard two plate injection molding machine, its structure and operation control are in European high technology, showing high efficiency,quality leading position in the injection molding machine brands in China.