Bottle Preform Production Line

  • 2021-08-07
    Bottle Preform Production Line

    Bottle preform is widely application in water bottle and medical bottle industries so that it attracts investors to develop on this. DKM is professional in supplying bottle preform production line which contains bottle preform moulds, PET injection molding machines, and some necessary auxiliaries.


    Below is one of medical bottle preform production line, for your reference.

    Customer requirements:

    1. The product is medical bottle, including the 200ml body bottle and the cap with safety lock from children

    2. For the medical bottle preform mould, need 4,000pcs/hour


    DKM solution:

    1. Bottle preform mould 24 cavity, cycle time 18s; Cap mould 24 cavity, cycle time 18s; Safety lock mould 24 cavity, cycle time 15s.

    2. PET injection machine: DKM250T PETI machine(for bottle preform mould); DKM250T SV machine(for cap mould and safety lock mould)

    3. Production capacity: for bottle preform mould one hour can get 3600/18*24=4800pcs; while cap one hour can get 3600/18*24=4800pcs, safety lock one hour can get 3600/15*24=5760pcs. So it can meet customer requirements.

    4. Necessary auxiliary: auto loader, air dryer, water cooling chiller, cooling tower, honeycomb dehumidifier, color mixer, crush, air compressor, etc.


    Once you have interest want to set up your own bottle preform production line, please kindly contact us. DKM will offer pre-sales and after sales consultant and training service for you to help you set up your plastic molding factory with short time and cost-effective.