DKM-2250SV IMM Delivery

  • 2021-01-25
    DKM-2250SV IMM

    Updated DKM-2250SV plastic injection molding machine has been loaded and delivered successfully, it was loaded by 7 pcs 40' containers. It would help our customer improve the production efficiency.


    DKM-2250SV Delivery

    Main Applications - more freedom

    DKM-2250SV plastic injection machine is suitable for making:

    - Industrial items and large parts (large box containers & pallets)

    - Automotive big parts (Bumper, Air Spoiler…)

    - Home appliance (air conditioner, washing machine)

    Meet various demands on plastic large parts' injection molding.


    Fast Delivery

    Faster delivery, quicker payback. In order to meet the growing market demand for large plastic parts, DKM Extra Large Injection Molding Machine from 1,650 - 4,000 Tons will be made in advance for different quantities in 2021. That's, our customers could get DKM large machines and start their production in the shortest time, save time, save money!


    Good Comment

    DKM large injection molding machine has achieved a good reputation in the international market with its stable, reliable quality and efficient service.


    DKM - Discovering Keys of Moldings

    DKM Machinery is designed well based on customers' demands, parts' injection molding processes and operators' requirement, and guaranteed with timely service for efficient production.


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