Auxiliary Machine of Paint Pail Production Line


DKM is a leading manufacturer for paint pail production line in China. We can provide the whole production line, including injection molding machine, mould, and other auxiliary machines. Let me show you our 20L paint pail production line.


We use DKM650 Servo motor machine with electric charing. It can save raw material melting time. Our 20L paint pail mould has special cooling structure and it realizes short cooling time. This advantage will help customer save the time cost. IML system realizes full-automatic labeling inside the mould with high precision.   


Here I want to make an introduction for the auxiliary machines, which function is easy to be ignored.

1. Chiller

There are two types of chillers, air chiller and water chiller. They help the mould cooling to get a fast running cycle.

2. Autoloader

The autoloader is used for loading the raw material automatically from material tank to the hopper, which could help to reduce the labor cost.

3. Hopper dryer

It can be directly installed on the injection machine for quick drying and space saving. It is an effective and low cost method for plastic material drying. 

4. Crusher

To realize wasted plastic parts recycling and reuse, the crusher have special knifes to crush the parts to small pieces, and it could be mixed with virgin raw material directly to produce new parts.  


Besides, other auxiliary machines such as cooling tower, color mixer and air compressor can be shared with other production line.


DKM aims to offer customers turnkey solutions, to help them build new factories. If you are interested, contact us for more information!

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