Advantages of DKM Plastic Pallet Production Line


DKM is one of the leading Chinese plastic pallet production line companies in Southeast of China, which has been widely recognized as the professional plastic pallet production line company. Every year we export more than 30 sets plastic pallet production line to all over the world. 


Our advantage:


Plastic Pallet Mould:

1. For the thick ribs of the plastic pallet, we use high thermal conductivity materials to reduce cooling time and shrinkage deformation.

2. All inserts are non-integrated, which can not only ensure easy maintenance and replacement of inserts, but also convenient for the separate entry and exit of the water line to achieve better cooling effect, and all inserts are processed and inspected by high-precision machines.

3. We adopt our self-developed hot runner Anole to ensure runner balance.



Injection Molding Machine:

1. We have large machines suitable for producing plastic pallets, such as 2250T.

2. Our machines are equipped with self-sealing nozzles, which control the flow of plastic and reduce waste material generation.



Plastic Pallet Production line:

We can offer the entire production line, including plastic pallet mould, injection molding machine, related auxiliary machine, ect. It can save your time and money. As for the delivery time, we can ship the whole plastic pallet production line in five months.


If you are interested in our plastic pallet production line, please kindly contact me. I will offer the best solution for you.

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