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Máquina inyectora del molde,Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora china del molde
plastic injection molding machine
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plastik enjeksiyon makinesi

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Plastic Injection Molding Machine - Blog

Date:2015-11-26 15:59:06

   DKM is an experienced injection machine make in china, we have high quality machine with very competitive price. Injection machine proper operation is the first thing we care to ensure the lifetime and the safety operation of the machine.

   To ensure injection machine proper operation we care on three parts of the machine operation. First, before the operation, check the Electrical control box with our water or air, check cooling channel, Switch and the safety door. Also open the electronic system to ensure it has heating the Barrel. And of course we should ensure the proper material in the barrel. Second when operation, we should ensure that the safety door should be open. And pay attention to the pressure oil temperature, oil temperature is not beyond the prescribed scope. Ideal working temperature of hydraulic oil should be kept between 45 ~ 50 ℃, also the care much on the limit switch, provide them from machine impact. Third, when finished the work, before the machine stop, we should, before downtime, clear the barrel plastic. Mould should be open to make the toggle lever mechanism in the blocking state for a long time. And the factory must be equipped with lifting equipment to ensure the mould safety setting.

Injection machine proper operation, injection machine, China injection machine

  To have Injection machine proper operation, we should care both before, middle and after operation of the machine. Any interested ,please contact me freely

Written by :Lenny
Skype: anole-4

Date:2015-11-26 15:57:31

When buy injection molding machine, there are many factors to consider, such as where to but, which brand to buy, which type to buy, and which model to buy. Below is the injection machine buying guide. As a instruction for purchasing injection machine, we will also discuss how to buy injection molding on line.

Where to buy injection molding machine?
After years of development, the technology of making injection machine in China is very mature now. Compared with Europe machines, Chinese machine is much cheaper. For those people who just starting the business, Chinese machine will be a good choice.

Which brand to buy?
There are many brand injection machine in China, such as Haitian, Tedric, FCS, etc…These are brand who started making injection machine early, and also developed very well. And the price is also high. For new starters, we will suggest brand Dakumar. This is a young brand, but the engineer team is with rich experience in making big brand machine before. On the other hand, Dakumar has a sister company—Sino Mould, a leading mould maker in China. So we can offer both moulds and machine, this is very convenient to new beginner who need buy both moulds and machine.

How to buy injection machine on line?
Some customer may worry about the quality of injection machine purchased on line. So it very important to choose a reliable company, such as Dakumar, we sold over 500hundreds of injection machine on line. And inspection before delivery is allowed. So you can fly to check the machine before it delivers to you.

Need more tips for buying injection molding machine? pls contact me! We can help you to choose suitable type and model of injection molding machine.

Posted by Cina
whatsapp:  0086 158 5868 5625
Buy injection molding machine
Buy injection molding machine

Date:2015-11-26 15:56:11

 All the customers want to find long lifetime plastic molding machine company, most of important facts of the lifetime of plastic machine are relate to the machine supplier,Dakumar is definitely long life injection molding machine supplier, we offered more than 20 years good quality plastic machine, in the meantime, our technology is improve one and one day as we done after-sales service for customer to collect all the shortages and make improvement. By the way, customer itself maintenance is also main factor to extend the plastic machine life.

Long lifetime plastic molding machine company

Long lifetime plastic molding machine company

 As a long lifetime plastic molding machine company, we guarantee to ship good quality plastic molding machine, but when reach to customer side, not only necessary maintenance, but also preventative service is also needed to keep long lifetime plastic molding machine to produce good quality. what is preventative service ?
 1.Long lifetime plastic molding machine always have a good environment. No dust, no moisture, the temperature should at normal level and no big changes of surrounding temperature.
 2.Long lifetime plastic molding machine should have oil clean,and the oil needs to be filtered also to be checked regularly.
 3.The machine controller is like its brain, long time running but without protecting and cleaning, the brain will become slowly. So there is very need to sweep dust and make sure all the fans are working also.
 4.The plastic moulds fitting with injection molding machine should stable and well match. So in the other hand, want to find long life injection molding machine supplier, you also need to confirm if they can make plastic mould also, so that they will guarantee machine with plastic mould good match.

 There are so many advices and concern points, if you want to find a Long lifetime plastic molding Machine Company, welcome to find me. We had rich experience.

Date:2015-11-26 15:54:32

There are thousands of injection machine suppliers in China. For big company, they will choose famous brand like Haitian. But Haitian machine are expensive. For small and medium company, it is very important to find a reliable supplier for cheap injection machine.

when you buy one injection machine, you expect it to work for many years, it is not like clothes. So injection machine price could be cheap, but we couldn’t make compromise for machine quality and performance and service after sales. it is very important to choose a company with rich experience and long history. And they need to be there for the following years. So you could also get technical support whenever you need. But if the machine company fails, it will be difficult for you to get help when your machine gets some problems. You need seek for help from someone else.

For new beginners who don’t have rich experience, beside of injection machine, it is very important to check if the supplier could depute engineer to help you to install or commission the machine. Otherwise it will be difficult for to start the production.

Dakumar is a plastic injection machine manufacturer located in Taizhou, Zhejiang, specialized in offer economic solution for cheap injection machine with stable performance. We sold around 400-500 sets of injection machine every year. We also have a mould company—Sino Mould, a leader of plastic injection mould with 1500-2000 sets of moulds. We believe offering economic injection machine will bring us more customers for moulds and production line by one stop service. So our machine price is low, but our machine quality is very competitive.For more details, pls contact us!

Posted by Cina

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cheap injection machine
cheap injection machine

Date:2015-11-26 15:53:01

Custom molded plastic

plastic mould supplier

Are you looking for a new plastic mold supplier in China? Welcome to Sino Mould Co., Ltd, we can offer you a fine solution…

When you start a new plastic production line, it’s very important to choose a reliable mold manufacture to custom molded plastic, because the plastic mould will decide if this product can get the biggest profit.

To custom a plastic mould:

Firstly , you need to find two or more reliable plastic mould manufacturers to contact with their sales, and then send the your product requirement together with samples or drawing to them to quote the mould price. After you got the price and then you need to discuss with then for all details, such like your target best price, delivery time and payment items and so on.

Secondly, comparing the best price and the factory which one can meet your requirement, then you can choose this one to your mould supplier. Then sign the contract for both parties and send the deposit to the mould manufacturer.

Thirdly, product design and mould design, it is very important for a mould life.

Fourth, mould manufacture arrange tooling and testing, then you can check for the testing if convenience.

Fifth, payment balance and delivery moulds, finished the contract.

Of course, here I want to remind it’s also very important for the mould after sales service. Especially for the new plastic mould manufacturer.

Welcome to custom plastic mould in Sino Mould Co., Ltd, the leading mould manufacture in China which located in Huangyan city, we will offer you a fine solution.

Posted by Rachel

Skype: sino-mould01

Date:2015-11-26 15:51:33

Pallet plastic mold supplier

pallet mold

Sino Mould Co., Ltd, the leading mold maker in China with big ability for big molds, such like pallet mold, industrialgarbing bin mold, table mold and so on. we were founded in 1992 and located in Huangyan of Taizhou city, China mould town. Till now, we covers an area of 6000 square meters, has a separate mold standard workshop, also we have rich experienced for pallet molds with more than 20 years, so we can say that we can offer you the top quality pallet molds.

To make the pallet mould, the company should have enough strength and ability, must have large tooling machine such CNC milling equipment, large testing machine at least 2000ton.

in year of 2010, SINO MOULD company have imported many sets of big and precision tooling equipments from Japan, Taiwan, Germany and Italy, the machines include Fidia 5 axis milling center, Fidia 3 axis high speed CNC, CNC milling center 6000*4000*2000 with 3 sets, Deep drilling holes machines and DKM1600ton, DKM3000ton injection machine for pallet mould testing.In additional, we have strong team from sales, designers, project following engineers for every step tooling.

Plastic pallet products has single layer and double layer products, when design the double layer pallet mold, due to the big mold size so it must be considered about mold structure is easy for tooling process, this is very important.

Welcome to contact Ms. Rachel for more information for pallet molds, thanks!

Posted by Ms. Rachel

Sino Mould Co., Ltd

Skype: sino-mould01

Date:2015-11-26 15:50:11

Syringe production line

syringe mold

We supply disposable syringe mould, plastic injection molding machine and other auxiliary machinery. Casino holdings group supplies a complete set of equipment system for syringe production line. We have a Dakumar high-speed machine( have provided more than 20 sets of equipment for different countries. The similar plastic mould and tube mould.

Cylinder piston mold.

Cylinder size: 0.5 ~ 60 ml
Cylinder piston mold cavity number: 16 ~ 128 lumens
Cavity core steel material: use the Swedish Assab company Stavax S420, it is stainless steel and tempered steel material
Gate type: hot runner point gate ( Arnold set injection system
Plastic products: PP or PE
Cylinder piston cavity core polishing: mirror polishing processing
Cylinder piston mold structure: the insert method is adopted, so that it set in the mold frame, mould the same in the parts are interchangeable.
Die life: at least 5 million die

Cylinder mould

The cavity number: 6 ~ 128 lumens
Cavity core steel material: use the Swedish Assab company Stavax S420, it is stainless steel and tempered steel material
Core slider: luer slider system
Injection gate type: hot runner point gate ( Arnold set injection system
Plastic products: PP
Cylinder cavity core polishing, mirror polishing processing
Cylinder mould structure: the insert method is adopted, to make it set in the mold mold shelves, mold in the same parts are interchangeable.
Cylinder die life: at least 5 million die

Cylinder plug mold

Cylinder size: 1 ~ 50 ml
The mold cavity number can reach 160 cavity
Cavity core steel material: use the Swedish Assab company Stavax S420, it is stainless steel and tempered steel material
Slide block core: the luer slider system
Gate type: hot runner point gate ( Arnold set injection system
Plastic products: TPE or medical PVC (such as the use of PVC, we do not recommend the use of thermal conductivity set)
Cavity core polishing, mirror polishing processing
Cylinder plug mold structure: the insert method is adopted, to make it set in the mold mold shelves, mold in the same parts are interchangeable.
Cylinder mill plug die life: at least 5 million.

Welcome to contact us, we can offer you disposable syringe turnkey project solutions.

Posted by Ms. Rachel

Skype: sino-mould01


Date:2015-11-26 15:48:36

  Dakumar is Hydraulic plastic injection machine maker, we offer many models hydraulic injection molding machines with precision and stable performance, we have been in making plastic manufacturing machine for many years, got the praised for our superior operating system and highly speed. We already got the CE standard certificate and pass other safety test. So we hope to be your sole hydraulic plastic injection machine maker.

 Dakumar hydraulic plastic manufacturing machine totally have 5 attractive features, and it is not like the full-electric controller injection molding machine with high price, but also enjoy its energy saving, high speed, low noisy, etc. So why do no buy the hydraulic injection molding machine from us?

Hydraulic plastic injection machine maker

 1.more higher speed
Our machine is use single cylinder injection system, which is good for quickly reflect of machine. By the way, we equipped accumulator associate the injection molding machine to inject. The speed could reach 450mm/sec.
 2. more energy saving
Our machine is also servo motor machine, we choose servo saving system, supplying the precision oil depends on the machine operation. There will save energy more than 30%-70%
 3.more precision operator
Our machine are choose the high standard devices, so we use the KEBA brand PLC controller, which is made in Austria, it could control the locate and temperature very precision.
 4.machine more safety
We do many covers around machine, and set many limit switches to make sure all the machine moves will not hurt operator. Safety system control machine clamp, inject.etc.
 5.Machine more time effective
Our machine is with more time effective by using the servo motor system, it could shorten the time around 40%.

If you interested the hydraulic injection molding machine and want to know more detailed machine parameter about ours, pls contact me –, Ms Carol

Date:2015-11-26 15:47:06

PVC injection machine

dakumar pvc machine

Dakumar Machinery Co., Ltd, famous brand injection molding machine manufacture, which founded in 2001 and located in Huangyan city, China mould town, dakumar machine researched PVC special series, the model from DKM118 ton to DKM650ton.

Special PVC pipe machines designing, due to the raw material has a low moisture sensitivity, however better result can be seen when PVC is dried for 4 hours in a dehumidified dryer at 65- 75 degree. based on raw material features for machine designing, we developed the PVC injection molding machine must ensure the special requirement of PVC products:

1.Hard chrome plated screw, nozzle to ensure the quality of PVC production and extend the life of the mechanical parts, all components are highly anticorrosive.

2.Widened safety door design, equipped with double core pulling devices.

3.Enlarged hydraulic motor, to fit the high torque requirement of PVC plasticization.

4.Melt temperature is critical in mouldingPVC, melt temperature is different from heater band temperature.

5.Oil cooling and water cooling system in screw and barrel for large-sized machine.

Using PVC pipe machines, it is very important to purge barrel of injection molder with GP ABS, Acrylic, PE before and after the use of PVC compounds. The injection machine must not be shut down with PVC in the barrel. If the material is left in the barrel, it will degrade and the screw and barrel will have to be removed and cleaned mechanically.

Welcome to contact me if you have related PVC projects, we are sure to offer you the best price.

Posted by Ms. Rachel

Skype: sino-mould01

Tag:  pvc machines supplierpvc molding machine manufacturerpvc machine factory

Date:2015-11-26 15:45:10

injection molding machine

Sino Mould, which specialized in providing plastic injection molding solution, is getting high reputation among clients in plastic mold market. SINO is not only for plastic injection solution, but also production line building. Good quality with short delivery time is our aims and responsibility.

Our company, founded in 1992, had rich experience in making plastic injected mold. Till 2000, Dakumar Company joined which is exported plastic injection molding machine. And after SINO-PK Ltd, is specialized in package mold. SINO AUO Ltd. is in making automotive molds. And SINOELE, is providing electronic components. All of them formed SINO HOLDING GROUP, has more strength to provide turnkey project and satisfied solution.
The complete line contains mould manufacture, injection molding machine, plastic injection molding device, plastic material supply and so on. We have high reputation in mould delivery time, technology lever. Besides, we will also provide Dakumar service which sends technology engineers to customer factory for installing mold, adjust injection parameter and also could train customer factory worker.
More information regarding to plastic injection solution and plastic injection molding issue, please feel free to contact email: And also welcome to visit our factory to visit our tooling machine and reliable working team.

Date:2015-11-26 15:43:28

Choose a suitable injection molding machine

dakumar machinery1

Are you looking for a reliable injection molding machine manufacturer?

As we know, there are too many injection molding machines in China or aboard, when you start a new project and needed injection molding machine, so it is very important to choose the most suitable for your production.

Firstly, choose a right machine type. you must consider about your plastic product product raw material, the important factors when choosing a plastic injection molding machine, the special raw material have special machine screw and barrel, for example, PET and PVC, PC raw material, it has special machine type.

Secondly, the mould can be each load, important factors when choosing a plastic injection molding machine, include mold, plastic product, molding requirements and so on, therefore, you need collect or have the following information before making a choice: mold dimensions, height, width and thickness, weight, special design. Mold requirements, such as quality condition, production speed and so on.

Thirdly, the mould can be easy to take out, the mould width and height must be less than or at least less than the internal spur of large column, the mould width and height must in the mold plate size range, the mould thickness should be between the thickness of plastic injection molding machine max. mold height and opening stroke.

Fourth, the machine has enough clamping force and enough injection speed.

Dakumar Machinery Co., Ltd is one of the leading injection molding machine manufacture in China, if you need any help, pls feel free to contact me.

Posted by Ms. Rachel

Skype: sino-mould01

Date:2015-11-25 10:06:59

Dakumar Machinery Co., Ltd, the world famous injection molding machine manufacturer in China, founded in 1992 and located in Huangyan, China mold town. Now we have set up many agent service in different countries, such like Russia, Turkey, Mexico, South America, Iran and so on.

Dakumar machines production catch around 3000sets of different tonnage machines, machine model from DKM50to to DKM4000ton, To get the long life time for injection molding machine, as these machines are widely used their maintenance, efficiency and uniform production of products are some issues that should be kept in mind. We have offered many turnkey project solutions for some new customers, so its very important for them to know some daily maintenance.

Maintenance of injection molding machine operation program: injection molding machine operating items include keyboard controls, electrical and hydraulic control system operating system operating in three areas. Separate injection process action, feeding movements, injection pressure, injection speed, the top choice of type, cylinder temperature of each of the monitoring, injection pressure and back pressure regulation and so on.

Injection molding machine has a complex shape to a shape, size, precision, or with metal inserts dense texture of the plastic products are widely used in national defense, electronics, automotive, transportation, building materials, packaging, agriculture, culture, education health and daily all areas of life.

If you need any details maintenance for injection mold machine, welcome to contact Ms. Rachel, thank you!

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