Plastic Big Parts Moulding Project

DAKUMAR is specialized in manufacturing and delivering plastic big parts moulding project and plastic big components moulding line for manufacturing of big plastic box, pallet crates, tanks and automotive bumper or control panel.

For the plastic big parts mould,we will arrange customized design according to customer specific cycle time request,design reasonable water route and mould structure.As the leading design and research mould maker,we have rich experience to make high quality big parts mould.Especially for the humanization design,convenient for the future maintenance and daily protective to relative long term stable mould running and high efficiency cooling time and short cycle time.

Dakumar injection molding machineprovides a whole line turnkey project solution,help customer equip all the moulds and machine equipment,ensure box mould and machine match well and running well.Also available for the aftersales service,we can send engineer training your team for normal production.Now the biggest 3 platen machine is 4000SV motor machine.We are working

on 2 platen machine research and production with Italy engineer-Our CTO .Our target is to be the best Chinese machine with Euro standard.Our main aim is provide customer moulds and machine turnkey solution in the oversea market.

· For plastic big components moulding line , the big plastic molding machines we have delivered and installed in different countries are:DKM850 to DKM4000

· Auxiliary Machines:

- dryer

- auto loader

- mixer

- water chiller with cooling tower

- robot (if necessary. )

- convey belt


· TURNKEY PROJECT for Big Plastic Components Service details:

· training in DAKUMAR factory for machines operation and basic maintenance.

· send engineer team to you for installation the machines, because when make the shipment, the large machines need to be separated into many parts for container loading. For this reason, we need to send a strong team to make the machines assembling in your workshop.

· start the mass production for each mould onto their related machine.

· machine’s maintenance or basic repairing training in your factory.

· make the spot training, until your engineer know how to operation the machines and moulds.

Welcome to contact us for detailed discussion for Plastic Big Parts Moulding Project.

Plastic Big Parts Moulding Production Line-Machine
Plastic Big Parts Moulding Production Line-Moulds
Plastic Big Parts Moulding Production Line-Plastic Big Parts