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Máquina inyectora del molde,Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora china del molde
Máquina inyectora del molde,Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora china del molde
plastic injection molding machine
inyección de plástico máquina de moldeo
plastiko liejimo mašina‎
plastik enjeksiyon makinesi

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Plastic Injection Molding Machine
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Plastic Injection Molding Machine - Blog

Date:2015-11-26 17:40:54

Learn to select a suitable injection machine is very important. Most experienced customer can choose the machine themselves. But for some customer who is green to injection moulding field, they would need injection machine manufacturer help them to select suitable molding machine.

There are some important factors which effect the injection machine select, such like mould, product, plastic raw material, moulding requirement, etc. So before you choose the machine, you should collect the follow information:
1)Mould dimension (width, height, thickness ), weight, special design such like oil cylinder, motor, etc.
2)Plastic raw material features and quantity( single material or multy material )
3)Injection finish product dimension (length, width, height, thickness) weight.
4)Moulding requirement, such as quality, and circle time.

According to the above information, you can select the machine in the follow ways.

1)Select the machine features and series according to the plastic raw material.
For example, there are thermoforming plastic and thermosetting plastic, single color, double color, multi-color, etc. They would need stable, close loop, high precision, high speed, high injection pressure injection machine.
2)Choose the machine tie bar distance according to the mould dimension.
3)Machine opening stroke select according to the mould height and product height.
4)Machine clamping force select according to the product and material.
5)Select the machine screw diameter according to the product weight and cavity number.

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Date:2015-11-26 17:37:03

Dakumar Machinery-famous injection machine manufacturer in China, offers ready PVC injection machine for sale. We offer PVC injection machine models from 50T to 1680T, injection capacity from 50g to 10000g.

Usually Dakumar will assembly PVC injection machine according to customer’s requirement. But sometimes customer need PVC injection machine urgently, they cannot wait for 2 or 3 weeks for machine assembly. So Dakumar manufactures some PVC injection machine for sale as stock in our warehouse for some popular models, such as 218T, 330T, 500T PVC injection machine. With ready machine in stock, we can deliver injection machine at earliest time when you confirm the order.

Also Dakumar offers different options for PVC injection machine for sale, such as standard machine, variable pump machine and servo motor machine, etc. And considering the specialty for PVC pipe fitting moulds with many cylinders, we can offer PVC machine with widened safety doors, with two sets or more cores pulling device.
Want more details about our ready PVC injection machine for sale? please contact us!


PVC injection machine for sale
PVC injection machine for sale

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Date:2015-11-26 17:35:47

Have you ever had an idea for a cool product made of plastic? Or did you find out that it would take so much money or more to have your product injection molded overseas? Do you dream of making production quality injection molded plastic parts right on your own bench top? Pls come to Dakumar machinery company, we will offer you a reasonable price and high quality Chinese plastic injection molding machines.
We've created an easy-to-use machine that molds high quality plastic parts at a fraction of the cost of a commercial machine. With this injector, you will be able to produce beautiful looking plastic products that anyone would be proud to sell. We have many different kinds models of the plastic injection molding machines, such as: high speed injection molding machines, various plastic injection molding machines, Servo power injection molding machines, PET&PVC plastic injection molding machines, etc.
with the development of the society and the customers requirement, now we updated many things of the plastic injection molding machines, which making our plastic injection molding machines in higher quality and more advance. we are Chinese plastic injection molding machines.
If you have other questions, pls feel free to contact me.

Skype: sinomould-15
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Date:2015-11-26 17:33:11

Dakumar Machinery, a leading injection machine manufacturer in China, can offerIML injection machine China, thinwall high speed injection machine, IML solution.

A complete IML system includes three parts: injection molding part, robot part and label.
Injection molding part includes IML moulds, IML injection machine China and some auxiliary equipment. The injection machine for IML should have special expansion board for robot. If it is thinwall container IML mould, usually high speed machine will be used. And if it is common bucket mould, common servo motor machine will be ok. But the opening stroke should be larger than double bucket height for robot to pick the product out.

No matter for thinwall container, bucket, or any other IML mould, we will suggest servo motor IML injection machine China for power saving. And for IML thinwall container, Dakumar launched a special new series machine-high speed and servo machine.

If you want to learn more about our IML injection machine China, please contact us!


IML injection machine China
IML injection machine China

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Date:2015-11-26 17:31:48

Dakumar is famous injection molding machine maker, we built for more than 15 years, from a small injection Machine Company to now, we already became a big and famous injection molding Machine Company. We could offer many different kinds of injection machines and also many kinds service, so we could help customer in many fields. We was called Chinese good injection machine service supplier.
Like customer want to build the full production line, which needs plastic moulds, injection machines, auxiliary machines, etc. Dakumar could offer them in the same time, and we responsible to teach how to run them and fix them. It could save many times for customer want to build one stop service.
Or customer needs to find the suitable plastic mould maker, other auxiliary machine supplier, so if you want to run them very well, it needs a long time.
We had many years’ experience to offer injection machine service, during these years, we had a good after-sales team to do the good injection machine service. to install the injection molding machine the injection machine smoothly
3.make sure the injection machine could run the plastic mould very well the train to customer’s local worker
5.Help the mass production.
We are Chinese good injection machine service supplier, if you need to know more details, pls feel free to contact me!

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Date:2015-11-26 17:30:20

Dakumar is Chinese fast injection molding Machine Company, we are the top one among all the injection machine companies, and we built more than 15 years, during these years, we have got much knowledge how to make more stable injection machine and how to make the injection machine faster than others. We are do fast injection molding machine.
 Fast have several meanings, which all customers like.
 1.The delivery time is fast.
 Dakumar have the full production line for the whole machine, and we use many standard parts in the machine, we have much small equipment in stock, so it is very fast for us to make the small tonnage injection machine, but compare to other company, the large injection machine delivery time is also faster.
 2.Injection machine running is faster.
 Our fast injection molding machine equipped with the precision device, it could save the response time, and we have another function is the machine could make the material charging and mold open together, so it could save few seconds. after sales service
 We pay attention on our after sales service, we will offer fast after sales service, like go to your country for helping production and training, send the new machine spare parts to customer, etc. response
 When customer meets some problems, we have the sales engineer to follow your problem and give you the fast response without any delay.
 Pls feel free to contact me about our Chinese fast injection molding machine company.
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Date:2015-11-26 17:28:38

 Dakumar order good performance injection machine, if you want to buy good quality injection machine, you could feel free to contact me, we are Chinese injection molding machine supplier, custom Chinese best injection molding machine. Chinese injection machine good feature is attracting many customers to enquiry our molding machine.
 1.High speed injection
 Our machine makes the material charge and injects material together, so it could save many times, and the start or stop of each action need less time, due to the proportional valve, so that reducing the hydraulic leakage.
 2.High precision and high stable
  PID algorithm module makes the injection machine system more precision and more stable, we offer the injection machine high precision and high stable, so Chinese injection machine have another good feature, high safety.
 3.High safety
 Our machine equipped the safety door, machine foot pad, nozzle door,etc. And we set many limited switches for moving and stopping at the center place.

 There are many Chinese injection machine good features.I cannot describe them in one time,if you need custom Chinese best injection molding machine ,pls send me emails.
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Date:2015-11-26 17:27:25

Dakumar Machinery-famous leading plastic injection machine manufacturer in China will attend Chinaplas 2014 as we do every year. Chinaplas is third largest exhibition in the world for plastic industry, Plastic injection machine exhibition, Injection mould maker exhibition, plastic machines fair.

This year, we will show in the Chinaplas 2014 exhibition injection machines as below:

1. Our new L double color injection machine with PC double color cup mould
This is the new double color injection machine developed by Dakumar- consisting of one main injection machine and second injection unit to the side. The main injection machine is similar to common machine, but its PLC is specially designed and can control 2n second injection unit. So this main injection machine can be use both as single color machine and double color machine.

2. Chinaplas 2014 exhibition Injection machine with Iphone 5s shell mould

3. Complete IML solution-high speed injection machine, 4 cavity ice cream mould, robot, and labels
This high speed injection machine is newly developed by us 2 years ago, also named hybrid injection machine, is one kind of high speed and servo motor injection machine, can do mould opening, ejecting, charging at the same. Its cycle time for 8 cavity ice cream container mould is 6s with side-entry robot.

If looking for injection machine manufacturer in Chinaplas 2014, pls contact Dakumar for more details! And Welcome to Visit our booth:
Exhibition hall: Shanghai New International Expo Centre
Date: 23-26 Apri 2014
Booth No.: HALL E2Q21

Contact: Cina

Chinaplas 2014 injection machine
Chinaplas 2014 injection machine

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Date:2015-11-26 17:26:11

Injection molding machine is the necessary equipment for the plastic molding, all the plastic products are coming from the injection machine running. A good injection machine is related to the good products, so to buy a good injection molding machine is very important. I could suggest you to check DAKUMARchinese injection plastic machine.
 Dakumar injection molding machine is Chinese famous injection machine brand, we built more than 15 years, from the service company to supply many kinds injection machine, and we got rich experience to offer the satisfied and well performance injection molding machine. Combine all the requirement, now we sell 8 kinds injection molding machine.
  1.  Standard injection molding machine.

 It is suitable for the household products making, and other big parts products making,etc,The devices are the standard, we use MIRLE brand for controller, Schneider made in France for Breakers,STF made in Italy for hydraulic motor,etc.

  2.   Variable injection molding machine

 The attractive function is this machine could save much energy and electricity power, it could save 30%-40% energy
  3.Servo power save injection molding machine
The saving ability is more power than the variable machine, as it use another pump, it could save 30%-70% power
   4.High speed injection molding machine
Dakumar have the normal high speed injection molding machine, with accumulator, high speed injection, it is suitable for the thinwall products.
   5.PVC injection molding machine
Especially design for the PVC plastic products, we are professional PVC injection machine supplier
  6.PET injection molding machine
The preform mould should run on the PET injection molding machine, we offer the PET injection machine but also supply many PET preform moulds
   7.Multi-material injection molding machine
    8.Mixed dual color injection molding machine
  Dakumar have many machine agents all around the world, we have the strong after sales service ability to offer our customer, so if you are in our service zoon, then you could enjoy the free maintenance,Pls come to find the chinse injection plastic machine supplier-Dakumar. if you have the interested to buy our injection molding machine ,pls contact me!

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Date:2015-11-26 17:24:42

Our company is specialized in plastic injection molding machines for 15 years and export these plastic injection molding machines to all over the world, with the high quality, good after sales service, our markets is getting more and more widely. We are super injection molding machinery in China. If you are also interested in our plastic injection molding machines, you can kindly contact me and visit our website.  We are super injection molding machinery company.
We adopt the MIRLE computer of the machines, INTERMOT made in Italy of hydraulic system and Kinway made in Shanghai for servo power, we choose these brands are all under the consideration. We have different kinds of the plastic injection molding machines, such as: high speed plastic injection molding machines, servo power plastic injection molding machines, double color plastic injection molding machines, PET&PVC plastic injection molding machines, variable plastic injection molding machine, etc.
our servo machine can save about 30-70% energy, besides, we can also make the customized machines as per the customers’ requirement and offer the relevant of the auxiliary machines. We offer you not just a machine, but a fine solutions.
You can visit our website:
If you have other questions or requirement, please kindly contact me. We aresuper injection molding machinery.

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Date:2015-11-26 17:22:18

Injection molding machine is a very widely used machine because the vast majority of daily plastic products is produced by plastic injection molding machines. the machine engineer unable to learning operation methods from the machine instructions , if the engineer is not good understand injection machine operation, it can easily destroy the plastic molds and machines, bring you serious consequences . So injection machine skills training are very important for a plastic company.

Our company produces and sells injection molding machines, we also provides injection molding machine operation skills training service. Customers can send engineers to our company for studying; we have machine assembling workshop, and plastic mould testing workshop, customers can either learn the basic knowledge of the machine structure, and can also learn some basic operation skills, as well as some basic troubleshooting methods.

For some major customers who have more number of our machine, we can also send a senior engineer to the customer's facility for injection machine skills training. We have a strong engineer team; they can provide machine commissioning, maintenance and other after-sales services.

If you have any interests in our injection machine, or if you need injection machine skills training, please feel free to contact us, we are ready to offer you a good molding solution.

Post by Ellen

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Date:2015-11-26 17:21:08

Our company export plastic injection molding machines to all over the world in China for 15 years. We are China molding machines supplier, with the high quality, long life of the machine, good surface machines, these making our plasticinjection molding machines known well to others. We are China molding machines supplier.
With the development of the society, now more and more customers need high standard surface, our engineers in order to meet customers requirement, we update the machines surface and add some safe design on the machines, such as: we add a cover on the injection gate and so on, besides, we know that high speed and the mold cycle time is very important when operating the molds, in order to solve this question, we can making the customized plastic injection molding machines for our customers, we can change the servo valve to moog valve, and add two high pressure oil filter, meanwhile, we can also change the computer KEBA2000 to KEBA 1000. Just tell us your requirement of the plastic injection molding machine, our engineers will offer you the suitable design for your projects.
You can check it on our website:, we are China molding machines supplier.
If you have other questions, please come to me.

Skype: sinomould.dakumar7

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