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Máquina inyectora del molde,Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora china del molde
Máquina inyectora del molde,Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora modelado de China, Máquina inyectora china del molde
plastic injection molding machine
inyección de plástico máquina de moldeo
plastiko liejimo mašina‎
plastik enjeksiyon makinesi

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Date:2015-11-27 13:29:55

People usually will ignore the changes in the production of injection molding machine.
If use incorrect injection molding machine, it will lead to a lot of problems such as:
Nozzle blocking, broken screw, leaking material, heating elements burned, hydraulic pressure system obstruction.
So it will require wour worker to know some information for how to inspect injection machine and operate injection machine maintenance.

1. Inspect the injection machine lubricating oil before operation. If possible,
please add injection machine lubricating oil.
2. Inspect the level of tank everyday. If not enough please add cleaning lubricating oil.
3, Inspect the electric switches per shift, especially the safety door and limit switch.
4, Check the sound of machine. If there is abnormal sound, you should pay attention to them.
5, Check safety device of injection machine. Take measures immediately if there’s problem......
Usually, when making shipment, Dakumar will put the operation book together with the injection machine
You can check the book to know some information,
But if you can not find the correct solution, Please contact us.
We will try to give you the feedback within one working day.
Miss Diana

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Date:2015-11-27 13:29:36

Dakumar Machinery is a leading plastictwo component injection machinemanufacturer in China. We can offer you high quality two shot injection machine, double color injection machine, bi-shot plastic injection machine China.

We can offer you both clear two components and mixed two component injection machines. For clear two component machine, we can offer two types.

The first type is traditional double color injection machine. There are two parallel screw and barrel. The machine platen will rotate for 180°after 1st injection molding. The second type is L angel double Two Component Injection Machine. This kind of dual color injection machine consists of one main common injection machine and an additional injection unit at side. The mould will rotate for rotate for 180°after 1st injection molding. Both of these two types of two components are suitable to injection molding for two colors or two materials. But the second type injection machine is more flexible and less expensive.

The L angel double Two Component Injection Machine can be used both as common one component injection machine and two component machine. This is new injection machine developed by Dakumar Machinery. If you have any interest, please feel free to contact me.


two component injection machine
Two component injection machine

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Date:2015-11-27 13:26:45

Purchase PET molding machine China

buy good quality perform making machine from China, perform molding machine Chinasupplier offers top quality perform molding machine. PET machine distributor support you with injection molding technology, PET perform molding technology and blowing solution.

For the PET perform mould, generally is multi cavity, so it requires thePETmolding machineshould have bigger injection weight than normal molding machines. When purchase PET molding machine the first factor to take into consideration is the injection weight, and then the mould can be fit on the PET molding machine and take out easily.

Purchase PET molding machine from Dakumar Machinery Co., Ltd, we have the machine from 118T to 650T. The injection weight from 188 gramm to 3993 gramm.
If you feel interested and looking for PET molding machine China, please feel free to send me email at

Post by: Diana       email:       skype: sino.group01

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Date:2015-11-27 13:24:45

Double color injection molding is mixed dual color jet and two components jet which are matched with special designing complex nozzle can produce special patterns, need use the Double colorinjection machine with the revolve table system, and different colors on the base of using original mould, and increase the additive production value.
Dakumar is China professional for Double color injection machine, the model have: DKM140D,DKM260D,DKM280D,DKM400,
if you are looking for the Double color injection machine or two short injection machine,

Contact me about the double color machine:
Post by:Vivian


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Date:2015-11-27 13:17:43

SinoPM develop a new type of injection molding machine with high speed injection and power saving molding for hybrid injection molding machines.We could supply the whole high speed molding line for our customers,for multi-cavity thinwall moulds,high speed injection molding machines,necessary additional machines and robots for IML molding line.

SinoPM will attend in INTERPLAST 2014 exhibition in Brazil in the coming year september,we plan to show our hybrid injection molding machine with thinwall container moulds in the plast exhibition.Our booth size will be 36 square meters,it is OK for setup one set of injection molding machine with mould.

We are looking for our hybrid injection molding machine agent in Brazil market,if any customer who has some experience for injection molding technology and if you interested in becoming our agent in Brazil,welcome to contact us for more information.

For our hybrid injection molding machine,we use world famous electronic components for the new machines with advanced machine design.Hybrid injection molding machine are well known for its high speed injection,high safety production,high recycling ability,high precision injection and high efficient power saving.Welcome your enquiry for more information.Thanks.

Post by Miss Celina
Skype: sinomould.dakumar7

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Date:2015-11-27 13:14:58

Servo motor energy saving injection molding machine is much popular than normal standard injection moulding machine. Servo motor machine equipped with high performance servo dynamic variable speed control system, in the process of injection molding, it can make a different frequency output and accurately closed loop control the pressure flow, pressure on different traffic, realize injection molding machine high speed response and the best match of energy demand and adjust automatically.
It has three advantages:
1.Energy saving
The servo motor of servo injection molding machine is according to the need to change it, don't like the three-phase ac asynchronous motor speed and torque is invariable, and the output of the motor power = torque X speed, thus achieved the effect of energy saving
2.High precision
Servo motor injection machine adopt pressure sensor, the controlling system can real-time control through the feedback signal of the pressure sensor, make each stage of the required pressure, rapid flow, and accurately.
Due to the response speed of servo motor, from zero to rated speed just + / - 0.5 milliseconds, so the efficiency of the processed products increase by about 2%.
Posted by injection molding machine sales engineer Ms.Summer

Servo Motor Injection Machine Advantage
Servo Motor Injection Machine Advantage

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Date:2015-11-27 13:11:23

Injection moulding machine maintain, plastic injection machine daily upkeep is very important to the machine life, machine precision, machine health. Good manage and maintain method directly related to the equipment can keep good working precision and performance for a long time.
You’d better learn some easy maintain technique when you buy the machine. Should pay special attention to the “blowout” over the link “governance”, that can decrease the machine error, reduce the time out outage maintenance, greatly improve the service life of the machinery and equipment, working performance and safety performance, the economic benefit is very significant.
Here is some daily use easy maintain tips for you reference.

Establish and improve the management and maintenance a number of rules and regulations
1.Establish and perfect maintenance records
2.Establish inspection system
3.Set up a sound system of feasible maintenance
Daily maintenance
Injection molding machine equipment operator should inspection equipment, and make daily inspection records, through the daily check maintenance to the machine before use, in use, after use. Such as leakage, pressure change wait for a phenomenon, early detection of accident and fault symptom, treatment in time, prevent the occurrence of major accidents.
If you want to know more machine maintain advise, pls feel free to contact me for further information.

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Date:2015-11-27 13:09:53

We are China injection auxiliary machines company and plastic injection molding machines supplier, in other words, we are plastic injection auxiliary molding machines maker and injection auxiliary machines supplier in China. If you are also interested in our injection auxiliary machines, welcome your visit to our company and our website:

Each injection molding auxiliary machines have different model, so it is a headache for some customers if they are not very professional. Consider this reason, our company not only offer injection auxiliary machines but also offer the whole sets service of the plastic injection molding machines. So auxiliary equipments include auto loader for feeding material before start to operation the machines; Air dryer for drying plastic material before production, water chiller for cooling the plastic injection mould and plastic injection molding machines during long time production; and operation; mixer for mixing color master and plastic together, which function is making the plastic material/ samples with different color; mould temperature controller for keeping mould with suitable temperature for better product surface finishing...Besides, we can also offer you a turnkey plastic injection molding machines and the injection auxiliary machines. If you needed, please feel free to contact us, we are China injection auxiliary machines company.

Posted by Celina
Skype: sinomould.dakumar7

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Date:2015-11-27 13:05:32

We are China injection machines exporter with rich plastic injection molding machine experience in Taizhou, China, which was named “ the town of the plastic injection machines & plastic injection molds”. We are plastic injection molding machines company and plastic molding machines supplier. If you are also interested in our injection molding machines, please kindly contact us, we will offer you a high quality plastic injection molding machines and after sales services.

With the development of the customers requirement and the society, we updated the machines surface and the component of the machines and meet all the customers requirement and society, in order to making our machines long life , high speed, injection steady and quality assurance, we modify the plastic injection machines to meet our quality and our plastic injection machines markets, such as: The machines surface, we adopt blue-yellow color to print the machines; T-slot clamping plate; we add a nozzle cover to ensure the operator safe, if the cover not connecting, the machines will not operate two sets of the air value as standard in the machines; hydraulic safety function and the adjust water regulator, etc. we are  China injection machines exporter. Welcome your inquiry to our company. You can also visit our website:

Posted by Celina
Skype: sinomould.dakumar7

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Date:2015-11-27 13:04:05

Dakumar is a leading PET Preform Molding Machine manufacturer in China, can offering high quality PET injection machine, preform injection machine, PET preform production line.

As a professional injection machine supplier in China, our PET preform molding machine is specially designed according to PET material:

1.Our PET preform molding machine use special screw and barrel designed only for PET. The screw L:D should be more than 21.
2.Special machine nozzle to prevent overflowing.
3.The material charging motor is bigger than common one.
4.Both standard machine and servo motor machine for option.

Dakumar PET preform molding machine have very stable performance. We began making plastic molding machine since 1990. During the past over 20years, we have made continuous improvement and upgrading of our injection machine. Now our injection machine is very stable.

Dakumar PET preform molding machines use world famous brand of machine component. We will offer one year warranty of our injection machine. During the warranty period, if any quality problems occur to our machine component, we will offer you new one to replace. After warranty, it is also very convenient for you to buy those machine components in your local place because these brands have service center in all countries.

If you are looking for high qualityPET preform molding machine with good price, please feel free to contact me.


PET preform molding machine

PET preform molding machine

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Date:2015-11-27 13:02:43

Dakumar is a leading injection machine manufacturer in China. We have established injection machine agent, injection machine service in many countries, such as Mexico, Turkey, Iran, South Africa, Jordan, etc. If you want to buy injection machine from agent or looking for China injection machine agent, please contact Dakumar.

Dakumar is negotiating with more professional teams to establish more service center in more countries. Dakumar would like to cooperate with come professional team with both potential customer net and professional knowledge of injection machine.

If we can make agreement to choose you as our injection machine agent, we will offer you a lot of support on promoting, advertising, technical support, exhibition, etc.
Dakumar is fast developing injection machine manufacturer. We are making continuous effort to improve our current injection machine to have better performance. During the past years, we have also developed many new machines, such as L angel double color injection, hybrid injection machine, etc. Dakumar is company with promising future. Chose Dakumar, Choose Success!!!
No matter you want to buy injection machine from Dakumar injection machine agent, or want to become our agent, please contact me for more information.


injection machine agent

Injection machine agent

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Date:2015-11-27 13:01:33

After years of research and development, Dakumar Machinery a leading injection machine manufacturer in China, launched a new series of injection machine: 5Hmolding Hybrid injection machine, also named High speed closed loop injection machine, energy saving injection machine, high speed machine.

5Hmolding Hybrid injection machine is specially designed for thin-wall packaging containers, high precision IT component, mass production product, etc. 5Hmolding Hybrid injection machine has the features of high speed, high energy saving, high safety, high injection precision, high stability circulation ability, etc.

Our hybrid injection machine use multi-circuit system, which enable the machine to do material charging, mould opening and ejecting at the same time, which help shorten injection cycle time greatly. And it also helps improve machine stability and product precision. Compared with traditional hydraulic injection machine, the productivity of hybrid injection machine is improved by around 20%.
This series of injection machine offer moog valve, ACC accumulator, and some other function for option to meet different requirement.
Looking for further information abouthybrid injection machine, please contact me.


hybrid injection machine

hybrid injection machine

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