Bi-Color Parts Injection Molding Solution Supplier

Bi-Color Parts Injection Molding Solution Supplier

Dual-color products are become more and more popular in the market, we can see it everywhere in our lives,such as double color cups, two-color stool, two-color bowls, two-color helmets,two-color toothbrush, two color caps, etc.

As world famous plastic injection molding line supplier, SINO HOLDINGS GROUP is committed to providing you with the best and most professional turnkey solution service. Our two brand company--SINO Mould and Dakumar Machinery, which could offer you high quality dual-color molds, suitable two color injection molding machine, and other necessary auxiliary machines, such as auto loader, dryer, chiller, etc.

For bi-color parts molding project, you should pay more attention to the following points:

1.Processing accuracy control

2.Hot runner system control

3.Mold cavity number and steel choosing

4.Mold fitting accuracy control

5.Mold cooling line design

6.Suitable injection molding machine

For two color molding projects, the initial investment will be relatively large. At this time, it is very important to develop a reasonable plan to start this project.

Sino has rich experience in turnkey solution supplying, our team will considering all, and analysis, such as mould structure, machine type, etc. Finally, choose the most suitable solution for you.

Any needs for two color parts molding projects, welcome send your inquiry to us!


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