essentials for setup a pet bottle production line
Bottle Blow Mould

PET bottle blowing mold is also a very important part of the entire PET bottle production line. PET bottle blowing mould structure is very simple, so the design of the bottle is very important.

Highlights for PET Bottle Blowing Mould

There’s a very talented designer and engineer team that can be work together with customers to explore the bottle shape, make bottle design or help customers improve the bottle design; the bottle design must refer to the production requirements, making the bottle suitable for PET blow molding machine and filling, labeling, packaging and other equipment. With more than 25 years mold making experience, and the most advanced design software, we combine bottle appearance, capacity, strength and other requirements, to provide customers with the most optimal solution.

As a PET bottle blow mould manufacturer, we have a variety of high-precision tooling machines which can ensure that the mold can be processed qualified at the first time. It can shorten the time you buy the blow mold, as well as shorten the cost of time.

SINO PET bottle blowing mould process including following steps:

Designing the bottle shape- make 2D and 3D drawing.

Improve the bottle design according to customer's requirement.
Final confirmation of bottle design from customer.

Making mould design according to bottle blowing machine.
Computer programming for machine production.

Mould manufacturing and hand polishing of molding area.
Assembling of the mould and test it on the machine.

Send final bottle to the customer acceptance.
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