Scheduled Maintenance
Scheduled Maintenance

Professionally Scheduled maintenance ensures that your equipment runs reliably and efficiently, and is essential for long term preservation of your line’s value.

Proper operation of every machine is based not only on care and proper use, but also on a post-sales service entrusted to experience hands. Our Dakumar hands.
Dakumar maintenance solutions are tailored to your needs, helping you to control costs, and maximize your production capacity while decreasing future operational costs.

We believe in the importance of maintenance, and in order to achieve total customer satisfaction, we offer a scheduled maintenance service, based on customized contracts, according to the model, age and working load of the machines in question. These consist of regular, scheduled inspections and on requests for training programs and maintenance operations. Dakumar stipulated after careful analysis by specialist staff, who assess the conditions, age and use of the machine to find made-to-measure solutions. Planned maintenance reduces the overall costs measured throughout the machine's life cycle, maintaining product quality high over time.

Dakumar maintenance service provide you with:
  We share our knowledge to help you get the most out of your equipment.
  24 hours hotline assistance and spare parts delivered on-time.
  On-site maintenance supervisor manages all line maintenance activities.
  Periodic diagnostic visits.
  Emergency troubleshooting.
  Technical visits.
  Remote access.