Line Productivity Audit
Line Productivity Audit

To maximize uptime, and lower costs, it is important to take a holistic audit.
As a full solution partner, our extensive technical knowledge and plastic injection molding expertise can help you optimize line performance today, and into the future.

Aim: Get an effective assessment report for your new plastic item production line via our team of lines audit. Help you learn well about your production line.

Our specialized team would analyze the basic info of your idea to improve the plan by considering every step of your production, goes beyond equipment, and starts right at the beginning - from concept to full business.

- Your production demand.
- The surrounding and structural condition of your factory or land in which the line is to run.
- The recommended equipment for the maximum output under your budget.
- Estimate and analysis the cost of any or all of the following: equipment, material, utility fee (Water, electricity), labor.
- Estimate line time-to-benefit
- Flexibility of your factory running.

If you need the guide for the new factory or production line, why not contact us for your line report?