Pvc Pipe Fitting Turnkey Molding Lines For New Plant Setting Up

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As one of top plastic turnkey molding lines solution supplier in china, pvc pipe fitting turnkey lines is one of most we expertise on. With strong combination and cooperation of our branch sino mould and dakumar, we are now becomes new star in plastic field for turnkey molding solutions. we can supply you not only for a separate goods, but also in turnkey molding lines. 

Actually for plastic turnkey molding lines,besides good quality molds or injection machines separately, I think it iscritical important for us to offer customers with more suggestion on factory layout, project risky analysis, whole project prompt service, engineers training and supporting and so on. 

With PVC molding lines, injection molding machines we offered is which we dakumar specially design and customize made accordingto pvc resign characteristic. For instance, the application of chrome nozzle,increase the nozzle application to ensure the flow of plastic, increasing theapplication of hydraulic motors to meet the PVC plastics. Machine areadopted with good brands components to guarantee long working life. Machine platenare tooled on our own tooling machines to keep plate high vertical, also with each machine section of centralization lubrication, it can make sure accurate productions. 

With our high performance turnkey moldinglines, we are confident to keep you satisfied. Pls do not hesitate to contactme for PVC molds, PVC machines or PVC turnkey molding lines.

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