Gas Assisted Molding Line

Gas assisted molding line is more and more widely used in plastic injection field. Sino Holdings is one of leading gas-assisted production line manufacturer in china, can offer you customized gas assisted injection molds, gas assisting molding injection machines, gas assisted auxiliary machines, gas controller, gas generator, etc.

For a good gas assisted molding line, it will have these obvious advantages to improve final plastic parts: 

-Elimination product surface sink marks

-Elimination of external runners

-Reducing stress and warpage 

-Cycle time reduction

-Permitting different wall thickness

-more stronger of plastic part

To have good gas assisted injection molds, we need to have a good mold design like other normal molds, also we need to consider carefully on gas over leakage pocket dimension design, gas channel design for gas smoothly passing during production. All molds movement parts need to be well designed for smoothly operation workings. During mold tooling process, Sino team pay attention on molds dimension controlling for a precision gas assisted molds.

With gas assisted molding line, we have our injection machines from 50ton to more than 2000ton, suitable for different types gas assisted injection molds running. Also we supply with gas assisted special auxiliary machines, like gas assisted air control, gas assisted air generator, gas assisted air compressors…

We have delivered many gas assisted injection molding lines to our customers, such as gas assisted chair molding lines, gas assisted automotive parts molds, gas assisted handle molding production lines…our team has rich experience on gas assisted injection molding lines, can offer on spot service for you. If you want to set up new plastic gas assisted injection molding lines, pls donot hesitate to contact with us. we can offer you best reasonable price but diamond mold and machines service support. Expect your down visiting to us!

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