Washing Machine Molding Service

SINO Holdings Group is professional plastic mould & injection machine manufacturer, offering you all kinds of home appliance production line, including washing machine molding service, air conditioner molding service, TV set molding service and so on.

In the plastic field, production line means all the equipments for getting the plastic production from the original material. For washing machine molding line: material, washing machine plastic part moulds, injection machine, all the auxiliary machine & technical support, all those elements compose plastic turnkey production line.

Choosing experienced, creditable & all-powerful supplier is very important for an investor. Because such supplier means time, in other words, it means benefits. Because you no need to spend time finding different suppliers, no need to find every supplier to talk the responsibility when meeting some problem in this production line. SINO HOLIDINGS GROUP is such excellent manufacturer who could offer you automatic washing machine molding line.

SINO HOLDINGS GROUP has many subsidiaries, two of them are special for offering customer washing machine turnkey production line:

Sino Mould Co.,Ltd

SINO MOULD is mould manufacturer who has more than 20 years experience. We ever made more than 50 sets washing machine mould for different customers in passed 5 years. The washing machine capacity has 6kg, 8kg and 10kg. Some washing machine has two rollers with semi-automatic system and some just one roller with full-automatic system. The washing machine mould mainly features as follows:

Washing machine mouldcavity:usually 1 cavity for big part, some small parts with multi-cavity.

Washing machine mouldmaterial: DIN 1.2738 or P20 for the most plastic part, H13 or S136 for PC cover.

Suitable machine:DKM 380, DKM520, DKM650, DKM1150

Washing machine mouldrunning: Robot pick up production ( Robot will improve productive efficiency)

Washing machine mould sets delivery time: 110 days

Dakumar Machinery Co.,Ltd

Dakumar machinery is injection machine factory who can offer customer injection machine from 50T to 4000T including different type, such as high speed injection machine, servo motor injection machine, PET injection machine, PVC injection machine & double color injection machine. Also can offer all the auxiliary equipments like robot, conveyor, cooling plant, dryer, autoloader, crusher, mixer and so on.

So Dakumar can offer customer all the machine equipments for washing machine turnkey production line.

Anyway, for the washing machine molding service and other home appliance turnkey solution, SINO HOLDINGS GROUP will be your wise choice. We are waiting for your inquiry & consultation.

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