Turnkey Molding Line Maker

Turnkey Molding Line Maker

Dakumar is professional turnkey molding line maker, such as 20L  IML bucket production line, from injection molding, labeling just 29 seconds to take a complete cycle, the whole mechanical manipulation, really reached the standard 4.0 industrial automatic production, can be single side, double side, 360-degree membrane inside thepost, we are committed to provide one-stop turnkey engineering services, plastic products production according to customer's demand and the production of workshop drawings, can betailored for the client project plan.

At the same time, we will arrange the engineer to the customer factory for equipment installation, debugging andtraining until the customer's team can operate all the machines and equipment.

Dakumar injection molding machine has helped customers around the world havesuccessfully established more than 200 production lines, including:

PET bottle production line

Plastic products production line

Mold label production line

Appliance production line

Injection molding machine production line

PVC, PP pipe fitting production line

Large plastic molding production line

Dakumarhas a powerful and professional work team, we can provide customers withcomplete turnkey engineering services, and we promise: in the shortest possibletime, in the most economic plan, help customers to build a new factory!

In the past few years, Dakumar injection molding machine has establishedmany production lines in Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey, Israel, Russia .

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