Test Tube Turnkey Production Line

Dakumar offers test tube turnkey production line with tailor made blood tube molding solution. A mature test tube turnkey production line includes test tube mold, blood tube injection molding machine, some auxiliary equipments, such as chiller, air compressor, and dryer. etc...

Test tube mould of blood tube production line features

1. Stainless steel S136 Stavax from ASSAB for mould cavity/core, which could guarantee at least 1Million shots mould life. Besides, S136 steel has excellent polishing property which could ensure blood tube surface high transparence appearance.

2. Hot runner valve gate system, which could ensure a beautiful gate mark and it will save a lot of material cost because there will be no spruce or runner waste

3. Optimal cooling system and air venting system. Our design team had at least 10 years experience with innovative original design idea and mature test tube mold design structure.

4. Easy mould maintenance, each cavity of blood tube cavity/core inserts is interchangeable, made by standardized tooling machine-- Japan machine MAZAK high precision lathe. And we will offer spare parts for core and cavity inserts to help you to recover production in shortest time.

Injection machine selection for Test tube Turnkey production line:

Servo motor injection molding machine is recommended for injection blood test tube as its advantage of great energy saving and stability operation. Accord to test tube mold information, Information like injection capacity, clamping force, distance between bars and ejection stroke… are required to choose a suitable injection machine.

Besides moulds and injection machine, auxiliary equipment will greatly increase molding efficiency. Test tube material is PP, PET... Drying machine is required for PET material, chiller for cooling mould and machine for shortest moulding cycle and best product quality, and air compressor for valve gate system, autoloader for feeding material automatic…

What’s more, we had strong engineer team for test tube production line turnkey solution which could provide satisfied service, such as Plant drawing, electric cabledrawing, water route drawing …Dakumar could offer install and commissioning service to help the customer start the production line smoothly. One of our feature services is the engineer training service both at DAKUMAR Company and customer’s site to help the customer to run the machine and moulds easily.

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Test Tube Turnkey Production Line-Machine
Test Tube Turnkey Production Line-Moulds
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