TV Set Molding Service

Dakumar offers electrical appliance molding solution, such as TV set molding service, refrigerator molding service, air conditioner molding service, washing machine molding service…for TV set molding service. We use highlight injection molding technology because the TV set need nice appearance. Mould temperature increased before mould closing and during mould closing. It keeps a high temperature when injection, so it’s good for raw material to flow and fully injection. After injection, it will reduce temperature for the mould, so it shorten the cooling time so as to improve the production efficiency.

Below is one example of TV set moulds we made before.

Moulds name :TV set case mould

Product size: 32 inch

Mould cavity: 1 cavity

Mould size: 1350x1450x700mm

Suitable injection molding machine: 1650Ton Dakumar machine

Mould core/cavity material: DIN 1.2738

Guaranteed mould life: 800K

Runner system: 4 points ANOLE pin-point gate

Ejection system: ejector pin

Working mode: Full automaticity

Mould features: complex mould structure

Hydraulic system: Hydraulic Cylinder System

Injection cycle time: 48 s

For the injection molding machine, we suggest to use servo energy saving machine to produce TV set, it can save 30% to 80% power. Our company have 50Ton to 4000Ton injection molding machine which can be suitable for different size of moulds. Our injection molding machine is always in upgrading according to the feedback from our customers. Now our machine is very stable and high quality.

Servo-motor machine specification:

Servo motor: Phase, Sino-Italy.

Servo driver: Inovance made in China.

Controller: Keba made in Austria.


In the meanwhile, our company can offer the whole equipments to you so that all equipments will have good matching with each other. You can send your engineers to learn technology in our company or we can send our engineer to your country to help you assemble the machines and run the equipment if you are a new in this field. We will offer the best TV set molding service for you. If you want to set up a new factory for producing TV set or need other electrical appliance molding solution , please kindly contact us.

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