Syringe Turnkey Production Line

DAKUMAR offers the turnkey project for Syringe Turnkey production line with tailor made syringe turnkey molding solution, including Syringe mould, plastic injection molding machines and other accessories machines. we have made more than 20 turnkey projects for different countries, such as Russia, Uzbekistan, Mexico…

Regarding to our experience, once we want to offer a syringe turnkey solution for clients, we need to follow below steps:

1. Syringe turnkey production line includes

-syringe mould (syringe plunger mould, syringe barrel mould, syringe gasket mould )

S136 stainless steel offered by ASSAB for core and cavity inserted into the mould bases, the same parts in the mould are Interchangeable

-Plastic injection molding machine

For syringe production, it usually needhigh speed injection machine. These series machines take the accumulator to help inject, which help improve machine performance, quicken the machine circle time with higher efficiency, and especially suitable for the precious and complicated products

-Accessory equipment for injection machine, such as loader, dryer, chiller…

-Packing machine

-Printing machine

-Sterilizing machine

2. Make proposal for Syringe turnkey production line according to the customer requirement

To offer tailor made syringe production line proposal to our customer, we will spend some time to collect customer requirement and their factory/market information. We will calculate the production output per hour and then suggest suitable machine models and qty accordingly. We will try to offer proposal with detailed machine and equipment list with price according to the budget of our client. We could also help customer to do some calculation to check how long it will take the get the investment back and how much they could earn per year. So they could decide which production line is most worthy investing.

If you have any interest about the Syringe turnkey production line, please feel free to let us know. And in the future, we plan to build full sets of syringe production line in our factory for client’s reference. Welcome to our factory for further discussion.

Syringe Turnkey Molding Solution-Machine
Syringe Turnkey Molding Solution-Moulds
Syringe Turnkey Molding Solution-Syringe